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Allegro System Architect 

Rapid development of complex PCB designs

Allegro System Architect provides advanced design capabilities that allow three entry methods—traditional schematics, HDL/Verilog, and a powerful new spreadsheet editor.

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Constraint Driven Design Flow
  • Differential Pair Dynamic Phase Control
  • Match Via constraints for high-speed interfaces (DDR2, PCI Express Gen2, …)
  • Improved layout driven RF PCB design generates RF schematic circuit diagram from RF layout
  • Single schematic drives layout and mixed-signal simulation using Allegro AMS Simulator eliminating need to redraw schematics for production flow
Allegro System Architect improvements
  • Unique Multi-style design authoring environment
    • Effective for Large Pin count devices, backplane designs
  • Improved schematic generation capabilities
    • Improved Placement
    • Associated Components closer to the Pins
    • Custom Placement between components
    • Remove over laps
    • Port Cleanup
  • Export reuse (packageable) schematics to create a Design Entry HDL project
    • Project Hierarchy recreated in Allegro Design Entry HDL schematics
    • Saves time when schematics are reused
    • Design reuse and system integration through import Verilog, existing schematics in Allegro Design Entry HDL