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Allegro PCB SI 

Advanced signal quality testing

Provides advanced interconnect modeling for constraint development and electrical analysis of multi-gigabit designs. Simulates high-speed signals, systems, and power delivery networks at the single- or multi-board level.

Allegro PCB SI Datasheet »
Allegro PCB Power Delivery Network Analysis Datasheet »

Allegro PCB SI – All tiers
  • Productivity Enhancements
    • Signal integrity application mode for more intuitive analysis
    • Setup advisor / setup audit for faster time to first waveform
    • Model editor usability to simplify clean-up of invalid models
Allegro PCB SI XL and GXL
  • Memory Interface Design
    • Improved reporting quickly guides user to problem areas
    • Timing closure with TimingDesigner through new joint vendor integration
    • DDR3 Design-in Kit available with half-day methodology workshop
Allegro PCB SI GXL
  • Enhanced IBIS-AMI model support (GXL or XL + Multi-Gigabit Option)
  • New Power Delivery Network (PDN) Analysis Solution (GXL or XL + PDN Option)