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Allegro FPGA System Planner 

FPGA rules driven FPGA-PCB co-design

The Cadence® Allegro® FPGA System Planner offers a complete, scalable technology for FPGA-PCB co-design that allows users to create an optimum correct-by-construction pin assignment. FPGA pin assignment is synthesized automatically based on user-specified, interface-based connectivity, FPGA device pin assignment rules, and placement of FPGAs on the PCB. With automatic pin assignment synthesis, users avoid manual error-prone processes while shortening the time to create initial pin assignment that accounts for FPGA placement on the PCB. This unique placement-aware pin assignment approach eliminates unnecessary physical design iterations that are inherent in manual approaches while shortening the design cycle time.

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17.2-2016 Release 16.6 Release
Allegro FPGA System Planner (17.2-2016 release)
  • New pin assignment options in FPGA System Planner: A new "FSP Bundle Swap" option is available. If the two bundles are the same size, the PCB designer can select the bundles and ask the FPGA System Planner engine to swap them, pin for pin. FPGA System Planner 17.2 also offers three new manual pin-swapping algorithms: show all destination pins, show all destination pins in the same bank, and two-pin selection.

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Allegro FPGA System Planner (16.6 release)
  • Support for additional FPGA architectures from Actel (ProASIC3), Altera (Cyclone V, Stratix V), and Xilinx (Virtex 7)
  • Auto-interactive pin-swap (“Planning Mode”) for FPGAs within Allegro PCB Editor using Allegro FPGA System Planner under-the-hood
  • Support for new termination schemes
    • Power filters and terminators are separate objects
    • Terminators are added to schematic sheets (no hierarchy needed)
    • Reuse placement from an existing board (design reuse)