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Allegro EDM 

Collaborative library and data management

The Cadence® Allegro® EDM (Engineering Data Management) family of products combines library management, design data management, design process control, and design tool integration in a collaborative work environment.

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16.6 Release 16.5 Release
What’s new in Allegro Design Workbench (16.6 release)
  • Support for EDMD schema (IDX) version 2.0
  • Support for Flex Bend Areas, Bend Lines






Allegro Team Design Authoring
  • Enables multiple designers to work on the same design in a structured and controlled manner, eliminating the risk inherent to today’s methodologies
  • Provides notification of changes to enable the integrator and individual designers to take updates from other team members
  • Manages project area, team assignments, permissions, and notifications
Product Data Management Option
  • Optional product that provides integration via a PLM vendor-supplied “connector”
  • Provides design data integration for work-in-progress (WiP) data management/vaulting
  • Provides design/project data revision control (check-in/check-out)
  • Provided as an “option” to the base Allegro Design Workbench (one option required for each Design Workbench license)
Software Serviceability Management
  • Enables metric collection/reporting on Allegro design tools infrastructure for support and business analysis
  • Provides efficient management, tracking, and debugging of software infrastructures
    • Central automated collection of metric data from users when using Allegro Design Workbench
    • User name
    • OS info – architecture, version, etc.
    • Software version of Allegro Design Workbench, SPB, java, tcl
    • Environment variables
Partial Library Distribution
  • Allegro Library Workbench allows design partners to manage controlled access to library data
    • Subsets of libraries can be shared and synchronized to ensure compliance
    • Allows filtering/masking of sensitive data/IP
    • Supports joint development models (JDMs) commonly used between OEMs, ODMs, and EMSs