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Cadence® Allegro® Design Authoring 

Efficient definition and constraint management

Allegro Design Authoring enables system designers to create design intent quickly. It provides the critical first step in PCB design definition and constraint management that keeps the design flow on track.

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17.2-2016 Release 16.6 Release 16.5 Release
What’s new in Allegro Design Authoring 17.2-206 release:
  • The Allegro® 17.2-2016 release provides support for a watermark in generated PDF files in, tag-based ECSet mapping, creation of Port Groups, import of pin delay properties in the front-end, and support for page-level team design with Allegro Design Authoring Team Design Option.

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What’s new in Allegro Design Authoring, Design Workbench, and PCB Librarian (16.6 release)
  • Allegro Design Workbench Team Design capability works seamlessly with PTC Windchill 10.2 M010 release (available since Dec 2013)
  • The Allegro Design Workbench Team Design Authoring solution now provides work-in-progress design data management and an efficient collaboration environment using SharePoint 2010
  • Allegro Design Workbench now provides comprehensive library model management for logical schematic blocks and physical modules
  • Split hierarchical symbols and support for hierarchical nets in the Cross Referencer enable team design on designs with large pin-count components like microprocessors
  • Constraint comparison utility allows users to compare constraints from two HDL schematics, PCB designs (brd), modules, and constraint files (dcf)
  • Enhanced object filtering and visibility in the Constraint Manager, plus an option to use higher level net names for Xnet naming
Allegro Design Authoring
  • Design-aware authoring without hierarchy and occurrence edit modes
    • Color-coded winning values displayed on canvas

  • Dynamic connectivity model provides up-to-date connectivity of design in memory
    • Higher productivity (the design expansion step has been eliminated)
    • Overall design authoring performance improvement
  • Advanced search and navigation
    • Quick search of any type of text on current page or the entire design
    • All results displayed in a docking window with sorting, filtering, and navigation functionality

  • Predictable conflict resolution from different nets or levels of hierarchy

Allegro Design Authoring – Team Design Option
  • Enables multiple designers to work on the same design in a structured and controlled manner, eliminating the risk inherent in today’s methodologies
  • Provides notification of changes to enable the integrator and individual designers to take updates from other team members
  • Manages project area, team assignments, permissions, and notifications
Allegro Design Authoring – Multi-Style Option (previously known as Allegro System Architect)
  • Optionally view the implicit power pins in the connectivity pane
    • Drive power assignments from one single form instead of separate power assignment forms
    • Drive connectivity of implicit power pins when importing connectivity
  • Performance and ease-of-use improvements
Allegro Design Publisher
  • Publishes Allegro board data in PDF
  • Exports reference designators, component properties, netnames, net properties, and test point data
  • Provides document controls such as options to reduce file size, maximize password security, and minimize property output