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Cadence InCyte Chip Estimator 

Fast and accurate estimation of IC size, power, performance, and cost

InCyte Chip Estimator enables rapid architectural what-if analysis to optimize design specifications. Users can reduce chip size, power, and cost without sacrificing performance.

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Product ImageDecisions made during the architectural planning stages of the design cycle largely determine the chip’s resulting size, power consumption, performance, and cost. It’s during these early stages that design teams can realize the biggest benefits by considering and quantifying a variety of architectural options.

Cadence® InCyte Chip Estimator provides a cockpit-style environment with integrated estimation models for common foundries and IP providers, enabling rapid what-if analysis across the design solution space. Whether design teams are looking at size, power, and performance tradeoffs, low-power planning, economic analysis, or simply IC design feasibility, InCyte Chip Estimator provides an intuitive, easy-to-use environment where users don’t have to be IC design experts to achieve accurate results. And with its strong connection to IC implementation technologies (such as the Encounter Digital Implementation System), InCyte Chip Estimator allows users to export their design intent downstream and ultimately converge on size, power, performance, and cost expectations in final silicon.

  • Accurately estimates IC size, power, leakage, performance, and cost
  • Enables rapid what-if analysis across design architecture, IP, and manufacturing process options to optimize design specifications
  • Achieves die size and power reductions through architectural exploration
  • Generates complete IC economic analysis and budgetary quotes
  • Intuitive user interface makes it easy to use in engineering, marketing, field, and management organizations
  • Fast, accurate, and simple-to-use environment helps any user achieve optimal results without being an IC design expert
  • Includes an integrated catalog of thousands of analog, mixed-signal, and digital IP components from more than 185 suppliers through ChipEstimate.com
  • Supports estimations specific to leading foundry manufacturing processes
  • Enables pre-RTL power estimation, low-power planning, and CPF authoring and exploration
  • Assesses performance achievability in specific manufacturing processes with specific IP components