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Cadence Low-Power Methodology Kit 

Streamline the adoption of advanced low-power design techniques

The Cadence Low-Power Methodology Kit helps design and implementation teams adopt low-power techniques, optimize their usage, and get predictable results—without the risk.

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Meeting the power consumption and density requirements of today's electronics devices means engineers must consider power at all stages of the design process—from architecture through implementation. Incorporating advanced power management techniques in an already complex design process can significantly increase project costs and risks.

The Cadence Low-Power Methodology Kit provides users with a complete front-to-back methodology for low-power implementation and verification. It combines industry-leading Cadence low-power technologies with the Common Power Format (CPF) and proven power management methodologies. More than just a methodology, the Kit captures best practices in the form of executable flows, as well as detailed checklists that ensure a high level of automation and clean handoffs among different tasks and groups within the design team. The Kit is also modular, allowing companies to adopt the technology incrementally and focus only on what is most critical for their designs.

Kit benefits
  • Enables teams with limited experience in implementing advanced low-power techniques to adopt them in their designs with significantly less risk
  • Increases productivity through supplied infrastructure, expert knowledge, and best practices
  • Restores schedule predictability through application of proven processes
  • Optimizes flows and tradeoff analysis to ensure technology is applied in ways that deliver the best results and improve quality of silicon
  • Reduces overall packaging and system costs by allowing for expanded application of low-power design techniques
Kit contents
  • Wireless segment representative design (SRD) that includes all required views for RTL design, physical implementation, and verification (including testbench)
  • Detailed low-power methodology guide that covers all aspects of low-power implementation
  • Reference flow implementations with step-by-step walkthroughs
  • Detailed documentation of the SRD and reference flow
  • Detailed flow checklists and tradeoff analysis
  • Expert consulting designed to map the verified and demonstrated methodologies to a specific customer design