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Advanced Verification Topics 

The Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) standard from Accellera is architected to scale with the growing digital design and across to the specialized verification needed for the new functionality. In addition, it naturally fits with the Metric Driven Verification (MDV) methodology that unifies the verification of the new functionality into a coherent verification plan. This book is for verification engineers familiar with the UVM and the benefits it brings to digital verification but who also need to tackle specialized tasks. It is also written for the SoC project manager that is tasked with building an efficient worldwide team. While the task continues to become more complex, UVM Advanced Topics provides the means to stay productive and profitable.

Authors: Bishnupriya Bhattacharya, John Decker, Gary Hall, Nick Heaton, Yaron Kashai, Neyaz Khan, Zeev Kirshenbaum, Efrat Shneydor

Reader Quote
"Mixed-signal SoC verification is like guiding a ship through treacherous waters where the next submerged rock has the potential to sink you. Navigating clear of mixed-signal, low-power, and multi-language integration issues with enough performance and capacity to complete the verification task requires techniques beyond the Accellera UVM verification foundation. Led by the beacon of metric-driven verification, the Advanced Verification Topics book provides verification captains with key information they need to sail on to SoC success."
Hao Fang, LSI Design Manager, LSI Corporation

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