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VoltageStorm Power Verification 

Eliminate costly changes downstream with production-proven power-grid verification

VoltageStorm Power Verification helps engineers manage power consumption by automating IR drop management, from initial power planning through signoff. By using it to verify the power grid before signal routing, engineers can eliminate over-design, open additional space for signal routing, and achieve timing closure more efficiently.

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Product ImageCadence® VoltageStorm Power Verification automates the analysis and optimization of de-coupling capacitance size and location, and it reduces dynamic IR drop on the most complex, low-power designs. VoltageStorm Power Verification provides accurate power consumption data (static and dynamic power calculation, including state-dependent leakage), which is an increasing concern for nanometer-scale designs.

  • Automates the management of IR drop, from planning through signoff
  • Eliminates over-design
  • Decreases the risk of IR drop-related failures and power-rail electromigration failures early in the design process
Encounter Power System is the next generation VoltageStorm Power Verification.