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Virtuoso Digital Implementation 

Automatic digital block implementation for a mixed-signal design methodology

Virtuoso® Digital Implementation is a complete and automatic synthesis/place-and-route system. It enables capacity-limited block implementation for small digital components in the context of an advanced analog-driven mixed-signal design. Driven by unified design intent and abstraction, and powered by OpenAccess interoperability, Virtuoso Digital Implementation ensures a consistent and convergent design flow that accelerates time to market for complex mixed-signal designs.

Cadence Virtuoso Digital Implementation Datasheet »

Virtuoso Digital Implementation delivers a capacity-limited, automatic, RTL-to-GDSII implementation solution for small digital blocks that complements an analog-driven mixed-signal design methodology with the Virtuoso platform. Virtuoso Digital Implementation leverages Cadence Encounter® RTL Compiler for physical synthesis and Encounter Digital Implementation System functionality for physical implementation. Used in combination, these technologies speed turnaround time from synthesis to optimization to verification, and deliver high-quality, high-performance, and lower-power digital blocks for mixed-signal designs.

  • Rapid design closure and shorter overall design cycle
  • Faster convergence on design goals and fewer iterations
  • Unified design intent and abstraction ensures consistent design constraints throughout the entire flow
  • Co-design of digital and analog components in a single environment
  • Rapid timing convergence for mixed-signal blocks
  • Integrated power planning, power routing, and what-if power analysis enables smart power rail synthesis
  • Support for multiple power domains enables a low-power methodology
  • State-of-the-art clock tree synthesis
  • Advanced node design–enabled