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Encounter Library Characterizer 

Fast and accurate library characterization with the latest modeling formats

Encounter Library Characterizer automatically generates models for statistical timing analysis and leakage analysis in a simplified user interface.

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To cope with process variation and power consumption, engineers need to employ fast, accurate, and complex library modeling, capable of generating the latest library formats. Cadence® Encounter® Library Characterizer offers a unified system that can simultaneously generate the latest current source modeling formats. It supports the effective current source model (ECSM) for timing, power, signal integrity, and statistical analyses. It also supports Liberty CCS to accurately model noise, multiple voltages, and IR drop during timing and power analysis.

Fast, automated library characterization and re-characterization is a must for today's high-cell-count libraries. When generating libraries from scratch, Encounter Library Characterizer’s automatic logic recognition technology speeds the process by eliminating the need to generate library template files upfront. Its library re-characterization technology is ideal for adding new formats, generating new voltage and temperature points, or providing library updates to existing libraries.

  • Provides a unified characterization system for fast and simultaneous model generation
  • Supports advanced modeling formats: ECSM delay, noise, power, and statistical modeling and Liberty NLDM
  • Generates and optimizes vectors automatically (and supports manual vectors)
  • Enables state-dependent power characterization
  • Includes the ECSM checker utility for output library verification and validation
  • Reduces runtime for re-generated libraries
  • Supports multiple circuit simulators
  • Offers advanced automatic logic recognition for complex gates
  • Integrates with Encounter Timing System GXL and Encounter Digital Implementation System