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A new configuration of the Cadence® Encounter® digital IC design platform, the Encounter Digital Implementation System refines and redefines digital implementation for the industry. This truly configurable “system” extends the production-proven core Encounter platform technologies that designers have come to trust., and delivers new foundational ultra-efficient core memory architecture for the ultimate in capacity and performance and the industry’s first and only native and truly scalable end-to-end multi-core design backplane. It also provides a completely extensible architecture to handle the latest requirements for design closure, low power, mixed signal, design for manufacturability and yield optimization for complex, advanced node flat and hierarchical designs.
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To experience for yourself the advantages of the new advanced digital design family, we invite you to explore all the dimensions of the new Encounter Digital Implementation System. In the process you’ll be on your way to becoming a specialist in the latest requirements and techniques to address complex flat and hierarchical design closure, advanced signoff, low power, mixed signal, and advanced node design.

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