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Cadence Litho Physical Analyzer  

Model-Based Design Manufacturability Checking and Contour Shape Prediction

Cadence Litho Physical Analyzer detects and corrects lithography hotspots based on fast, accurate silicon contour prediction to improve parametric yield and chip performance.

Product ImageCadence® Litho Physical Analyzer detects manufacturability issues missed by traditional DRC check in a fraction of the time required by solutions based on OPC and lithography simulation. It quickly and accurately accounts for systematic manufacturing variations, helping designers improve yield during physical implementation.

Cadence Litho Physical Analyzer also provides designers with advanced DFM hotspot detection and correction capabilities. Its physics-based modeling technology finds lithography hotspots and enables repair based on fast and accurate silicon contour prediction across the process window. Designers can use these predicted silicon contours for further electrical DFM analysis with Cadence Litho Electrical Analyzer.

  • Detects yield-limiting variability hotspots and produces fixing guidelines
  • Checks cells in second, full chips in hours
  • Integrates with current library, IP, custom analog, and cell-based digital physical design flows
  • Delivers fast, silicon-accurate contour shape prediction across the process window
  • Integrates with Cadence Litho Electrical Analyzer for electrical DFM analysis


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