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Virtuoso Liberate Characterization Solution 

Standard cell, I/O, and complex multi-bit cell characterization

The Cadence® Virtuoso® Liberate™ characterization solution provides an ultra-fast library characterization solution for standard cells, I/Os, and complex multi-bit cells supporting advanced timing, power, and signal integrity DC current source models (CCS and ECSM).

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The Liberate solution is an ultra-fast standard cell, I/Os, and complex multi-bit-cell library characterization solution. As part of Cadence’s complete custom solution for library characterization, it generates electrical cell views for timing, power, and signal integrity, including advanced current source models (CCS and ECSM). The Liberate solution meets the rapidly changing needs to create additional library views required for nanometer process technologies to achieve high-quality silicon and avoid silicon re-spins due to inaccurate signoff analysis.

  • Patented Inside View approach automatically pre-characterizes each cell using transistor-level circuit analysis to learn all internal logic states
  • Enables automatic vector generation (AVG)
  • Ensures a complete, accurate, and highly efficient characterization of library cells
  • Supports complex cells including those required for high-speed and/or low-power design, such as pulse latches, multi-bit flip-flop arrays, level shifters, power switches, and cells with sleep modes