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Virtuoso DFM 

Fast silicon convergence

Virtuoso DFM enables designers to accurately assess both physical and electrical variability to ensure the manufacturability of custom and mixed-signal designs, libraries, and IP—without ever leaving the Virtuoso Layout Suite environment.

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Virtuoso DFM preserves design intent (such as electrical constraints), ensures fast convergence on design goals through accurate abstraction, and provides highly convergent results through near-linear scalability and automatic fixing of errors. This enables engineers to implement a “correct-by-design” flow, so they can efficiently and predictably reach tapeout on leading-edge designs with multiple foundry partners. Virtuoso DFM allows designers to identify, analyze, and automatically optimize the design’s on-chip parameters for the impact of physical effects such as lithography, mask, OPC, etch, and RET; as well as layout-dependent effects such as litho, overlay, context-dependent stress, strain, well proximity, unintentional stressors like shallow-trench isolation, contact-to-contact spacing, and more. In addition, the Virtuoso in-design methodology provides an accurate, model-based flow for designers to minimize the impact of manufacturing variations on design performance.

  • In-design DFM and predictable DFM closure for custom design implementation
  • Production-proven “golden” pattern matcher for in-design DRC+ for GLOBALFOUNDRIES 28nm process
  • Foundry-golden, comprehensive, model-based litho hotspot analysis
  • Industry’s first in-design, constraint-driven layout-dependent-effects variability detection and optimization
  • Higher productivity and more predictable tapeout schedules