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Virtuoso Analog Design Environment 

The most advanced simulation for custom ICs

Virtuoso Analog Design Environment delivers advanced design simulation for fast and accurate verification

Virtuoso Analog Design Environment L Datasheet »
Virtuoso Analog Design Environment XL Datasheet »
Virtuoso Analog Design Environment GXL Datasheet »
Virtuoso Analog Design Environment Family Datasheet »

Designed to help users create manufacturing-robust designs, Cadence® Virtuoso® Analog Design Environment is the advanced design and simulation environment for the Virtuoso platform. It gives designers access to a new parasitic estimation and comparison flow and optimization algorithms that help to center designs better for yield improvement and advanced matching and sensitivity analyses. By supporting extensive exploration of multiple designs against their objective specifications, Virtuoso Analog Design Environment sets the standard in fast and accurate design verification.

  • Reduced learning curve with a simulator-independent environment
  • Maximum efficiency in the script-driven mode
  • Accelerated debug process using a variety of built-in analog analysis tools
  • Facilitated design correction via easy comparison of pre- and post-parasitic extracted designs
  • Quick detection of circuit problems via a clear visualization cockpit