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Spectre eXtensive Partitioning Simulator (XPS) 

Unique FastSPICE algorithm delivers up to 10X faster simulation throughput

Delivering high performance and capacity, Cadence® Spectre® eXtensive Partitioning Simulator (XPS) FastSPICE simulator provides fast, accurate simulation of large, memory-intensive and mixed-signal designs. The simulation solution is integrated into the Cadence Spectre Circuit Simulator infrastructure, so you can use the same models, process design kits (PDKs), and methodology to verify your design.

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Reduce Memory Simulation Time from Weeks to Days
Traditional FastSPICE technologies are no longer effective in meeting the verification challenges found at advanced nodes. Cadence Spectre XPS fills a gap in simulation technology, providing capabilities that address increasing parasitics, low-power circuit structures, variation, and other advanced-node challenges.

With its unique partitioning technology and new FastSPICE algorithm, Spectre XPS supports:
  • Higher capacity and up to 10X faster simulation throughput while requiring up to 3X less system memory
  • Accurate timing and power analysis for advanced-node, low-power embedded memory applications
  • Shortened simulation time from weeks to just days
Improve Mixed-Signal Design
The increased complexity and functionality of many mixed-signal designs, such as phase-locked loops (PLL), analog-to-digital converters (ADC), logic, and power management, require new simulation solutions that provide a trade-off between accuracy and performance. Building on the results accuracy you are used to with Spectre Accelerated Parallel Simulator (APS), the Spectre XPS algorithms integrated into the Spectre infrastructure:
  • Enable complete re-use of your existing Spectre methodology, PDKs, models, and commands, greatly reducing the cost of maintaining multiple simulation solutions
  • Provide a seamless methodology for making the accuracy/performance trade-off
  • Unique FastSPICE algorithm and partitioning technology address parasitics, low-power circuit structures, variations, and other challenges that emerge at advanced nodes
  • Supports higher capacity, with up to 10X faster simulation throughput with up to 3X less system memory
  • Delivers highly accurate timing analysis—particularly critical for advanced-node, low-power mobile applications
  • Shortens simulation time from weeks to just days
  • Provides event-driven, multi-rate simulation
  • Features advanced model reduction technology
  • Offers advanced static and dynamic checking
  • Provides full macro simulations for variation
Spectre Infrastructure Covers SPICE, Advanced SPICE, RF, and FastSPICE
The complete Spectre infrastructure covers SPICE, advanced SPICE, RF, and FastSPICE. You can reuse models, PDKs, stimulus, analysis, and your overall methodology, reducing support costs and accelerating your time to production.

Spectre XPS also integrates into the Cadence Virtuoso® Analog Design Environment for mixed-signal design, and into the Cadence Virtuoso Liberate MX memory characterization tool for SRAM memory characterization.