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Virtuoso AMS Designer vIC6.1

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Course TitleVirtuoso AMS Designer vIC6.1
Course CategoryCustom IC Design – Virtuoso
Duration2 Days
Product VersionvIC6.1

The Virtuoso® AMS Designer course teaches you how to use the mixed-signal, mixed-language Virtuoso AMS Simulator. It also provides a brief introduction to the Verilog®-AMS mixed-signal modeling language. Lab exercises explore three different simulation use models: the Virtuoso Analog Design Environment, the Virtuoso AMS Designer graphical environment, and command-line control, including verification flow. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Virtuoso AMS Designer course, you will be able to:


o       Run Virtuoso AMS Designer through typical simulations using command-line control, the Virtuoso AMS Environment, and the Virtuoso Analog Design Environment.

o       Switch between two analog solvers, Virtuoso Spectre® Circuit Simulator and Virtuoso UltraSim® Full-chip Simulator, to optimize simulation speed and accuracy.

o       Create configurations to allow easy replacement of behavioral models with more detailed schematic designs.

o       Create simple models with the Verilog-AMS modeling language.

o       Apply signal disciplines and control interconnect module placement.


This course is designed for developers who create designs for analog or digital ICs such as: 

o       IC Designers

o       Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Designers

o       Digital IC Designers

o       ASIC Designers

o       Design Engineers

o       Chip Designers

o       Layout Designers


o       Analog Modeling with Verilog-A

o       Virtuoso Analog Design Environment

o       You should be familiar with the Verilog, Verilog-A, VHDL, or C languages.

Course Agenda


o       Getting Started

o       Introduction to Virtuoso AMS Designer in ADE

o       Using the Hierarchy Editor to Control the Configuration

o       Using the Virtuoso AMS Environment to Run Simulations


o       Command-line Control of Virtuoso AMS Designer

o       Introduction to the Verilog-AMS Language

o       Verilog-AMS Module Content


o       Discipline Resolution

o       Using the UltraSim Solver in AMS

o       Using the AMSD Incisive® Flow for Design Verification

o       Migrating Designs to AMS

Optional Modules


o       Introduction to the VHDL-AMS Language (optional)

o       VHDL-AMS Processes (optional)

o       VHDL-AMS Implementation (optional)

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