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November 2012
Corporate News and Events

In the News
TSMC Recognizes Cadence with Two “Partner of the Year” Awards
Cadence Announces Tapeout of 14nm Test-chip with ARM Processor and IBM FinFET Process Technology
How Cadence Helps Universities Build EDA Infrastructures
Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli at ICCAD: From Early EDA to the "Sensory Swarm"

Silicon Realization News
(Custom/Analog, Digital IC, Functional Verification, PCB & IC Packaging, Front End Design)

In the News
Functional Verification - Function Level C Interface – New C Interface for Specman
Functional Verification - Creating Custom File Systems and the Linux Loop Device
Digital - Cadence Encounter Technologies Enable Open-Silicon to Reach 2.2 GHz Performance on 28nm ARM Dual-Core Cortex-A9 Processor
Custom IC - Get a Jump Start on Our Latest Products and Features With Rapid Adoption Kits
PCB & IC Packaging - What's Good About Allegro PCB Editor Component Alignment? See for Yourself in 16.6!
PCB & IC Packaging - What's Good About the SPB 16.6 Release? Exciting Features To Improve Design Productivity!

SoC Realization News

In the News
Cadence Sets the Global Standard in VIP for AMBA-Based SoCs

System Realization News

How Many Cycles are Needed to Verify ARM’s big.LITTLE on Palladium XP?

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