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Silicon Laboratories Improves Verification Speed and Product Quality Using Incisive Enterprise Simulator

Digital Mixed–Signal Option Makes Regressions Run Dramatically Faster More»
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Digital IC

Logic Equivalence Checking with Encounter Conformal EC-v7.1
15 Dec 2009 - 16 Dec 2009,
Bangalore, India

Detail Routing with NanoRoute Router - v7.1
17 Dec 2009 - 18 Dec 2009,
Bangalore, India

Custom IC

Advance Virtuoso Spectre Simulator-v6.1
21 Dec 2009 - 22 Dec 2009,
Bangalore, India


Assertion-based Verification using SVA in the Incisive Formal Verifier
21 Dec 2009 - 21 Dec 2009,
Bangalore, India

System Verilog Advanced Verification using OVM – V6.2
14 Dec 2009 - 18 Dec 2009,
Bangalore, India

Silicon Package Board

Allegro PCB Power Integrity-v16.01
11 Dec 2009 - 11 Dec 2009,
Bangalore, India

December 2009 
  Encounter Digital IC Platform News
AppliedMicro Standardizes on Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation System.
Cadence Enables Aggressive Leap from 90nm to 40nm Technology and Delivers Advantage in Low Power and Yield for Complex Hierarchical Design. More»
Find, Fix And Learn With Cadence Online Support.
By Robert Dwyer on November 5, 2009.
We recently rolled out a new online support mechanism that replaces Sourcelink called Cadence Online Support.  More»
  Virtuoso Custom IC Platform News
Cadence Strengthens Virtuoso Custom IC Design Leadership
Leading EDA Software for Analog and Mixed-Signal Design Gets Capacity, Performance and Usability Boosts to Shrink Design Cycle  More»
Cosmic Circuits Adopts Cadence Virtuoso 6.1 for Complex Analog and Mixed–Signal Designs
Virtuoso Technology Boosts Productivity by 30% and Speeds Turnaround Time for Complex Analog/Mixed-Signal IP Cores  More»
Analog/Mixed Signal Routing Challenges in Sub–Nanometer Designs
Girraj Khandelwal, Custom IC Technical Field Operations, Cadence Design Systems  
The IC industry is facing several design and manufacturing/yield related challenges as process geometries continue to shrink.  More»
DEF/OA Accuracy Validation with QRCFS
During capacitance accuracy validation, we have, traditionally, been relying on external field solvers, Quickcap and Raphael, to provide reference values for cell-level flows. More»
  Incisive Verification Platform News
IC Plus Standardizes Verification Process with Cadence Incisive Solution.
Cites Significant Improvements in Schedule, Quality, Productivity and Predictability with Cadence Verification Technology.  More»
Verification Planning Made Easy.
By Team MDV on December 02, 2009.
If you're looking for a really easy way to create an executable verification plan, you need take a look at Enterprise Planner. More»
  Allegro SPB Platform News
What’s Good About Cadence Online Support? – Here’s My List!
By Gerald ’Jerry’ Grzenia on November 11, 2009
The new Cadence Online Support was released in a Beta mode on 10/26/09.This Beta technique has been used by several companies (including Google) to recieve valuable customer feedback. More»