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Collaboration across the electronics industry is essential to ongoing innovation and market success. In the Cadence EDA360 Theater, attendees saw more than 40 presentations from Cadence, our partners, and our customers who shared their experiences and results. Solve your business and design challenges by collaborating with Cadence.

Monday, June 4, 2012
Session Time Company Topic
Watch presentation 9:30 AM Extension Media Hardware Assisted Verification
Watch presentation 12:00 noon Methods2Business Virtual Prototyping
Watch presentation 12:30 PM Marvell Low Power
Watch presentation 1:00 PM Xilinx Specman Random Generation Solution for Design Attributes
Watch presentation 1:30 PM Intel High Performance Simulation and Emulation Solution with Specman “e
Watch presentation 2:00 PM TowerJazz AMS Flow for Power Management Designs
Watch presentation 2:30 PM Rohde & Schwarz LTE-Advanced with Palladium XP
Watch presentation 3:30 PM Bayside Silicon Package Board
Watch presentation 4:00 PM Fujitsu Semiconductor Design with Cadence Chip Planning Solution
Watch presentation 4:30 PM Xilinx Virtual Platforms

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Session Time Company Topic
Watch presentation 10:00 AM Oski Technologies Build Your Own Formal Apps
Watch presentation 10:30 AM SMIC SMIC-Cadence Partnership
Watch presentation 11:30 AM Cadence Verification IP
Watch presentation 12:00 PM Duolog SoC Integration and Verification
Watch presentation 1:00 PM LSI Virtual Prototypes, Emulation and FPGA-Based Prototypes
Watch presentation 1:30 PM Fujitsu Semiconductor Encounter Power System
Watch presentation 2:00 PM Xilinx Emulation and Virtual Prototyping
Watch presentation 2:30 PM ST Enterprise Verification
Watch presentation 3:30 PM AMD In-Circuit Emulation
Watch presentation 4:00 PM ST Mixed Signal Verification

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Session Time Company Topic
Watch presentation 10:00 AM ST Design Intent Using Constraints
Watch presentation 10:30 AM Cadence NVMe Subsystems
Watch presentation 11:00 AM Cadence Verification IP
Watch presentation 11:30 AM Imperas OS Porting and Analysis for ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore Based Systems
Watch presentation 12:30 PM GLOBALFOUNDRIES DFM at Advanced Nodes
Watch presentation 1:00 PM Broadcom Co-Design to Optimize System Interconnect Paths
Watch presentation 1:30 PM PTC ECAD/MCAD
Watch presentation 2:00 PM LeCroy Post Silicon PCIe Validation
Watch presentation 3:00 PM Dini Group FPGA-Based Prototyping
Watch presentation 3:30 PM ST 20nm Design
Watch presentation 4:00 PM Orora Custom IC
Watch presentation 4:30 PM GLOBALFOUNDRIES SKILL-Based PDK
Watch presentation 5:00 PM NextOp Software Assertion Synthesis

In addition, each day lucky attendees came away with a little something extra —Apple® iPads and GoPro cameras. Congratulations to our winners:

  • 11:30am GoPro winner: Atsushi Takahashi, Director of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • 1:30pm GoPro winner : Paulo Flores, Assistant Professor, IST – TU Lisbon
  • 3:30pm GoPro winner: Gin Shen, CAD Engineer, MIPS
  • iPad winner: Junchul Choi, Student, Seoul National University
  • iPad winner: Roja Veeramachaneni, MTS CAD Engineer, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
  • 11:30am GoPro winner: Donald Derelenzki, Learning Resources
  • 1:30pm GoPro winner: Gary Graham, Sr. Unix EDA Administrator, Maxim
  • 3:30pm GoPro winner: Memet Akunal, VP Business Development, BaySand Inc.
  • iPad winner: Rekha Krishnan, Intel
  • iPad winner: Himadri De, Analog Devices
  • 11:30am GoPro winner: Tiago Reimann, UFRGS
  • 1:30pm GoPro winner: Yehuda AAdelman, Silicon Technology and Physical Implementation Group Manager, Intel
  • 3:30pm GoPro Winner: Romain Feuillette, Layout Parameterized Cell Project Leader, STMicroelectronics
  • iPad winner: Cindy Ellis, Principal Engineer, Rambus
  • iPad winner: Badawi Dweik, Director Product Marketing, Memoir