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Cadence Customer Reference Program 

Gain Recognition for Your Company’s Differentiation
The Cadence Customer Reference Program is a powerful way for your company to increase its visibility and for your engineering team to promote its unique accomplishments. By sharing the story of your success with using Cadence products and services, you can expand your recognition among your peers, your company’s management, and the greater electronics industry.

Cadence offers a range of program activities—from customer success stories to webinars to speaking engagements and industry awards—that can be customized to achieve your specific objectives. We also invite you to bring your ideas for additional co-marketing activities that could benefit your organization.

The Cadence Customer Reference Program is designed to maximize your time, while achieving the biggest impact on your participation. Some benefits include:
  • Showcase you and your team’s success
  • Submission for industry awards
  • Training credits
  • Invitation to exclusive Cadence events
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Opportunities and Rewards
The Cadence Customer Reference Program provides many choices for participation. The chart below outlines the opportunities you can pursue at various point levels. As your points accumulate, your company builds eligibility for rewards. Simply earn the points and enjoy the benefits.

You can choose to opt in or opt out of rewards. All aspects of the program are voluntary.

Activity Points Value
Quote used 50
Social media - blogging 50
Billboard on 75
Press or analyst interview 75
Customer profile on PowerPoint slide 75
Reference sales call (1:1) 100
Internal speaker (Sales Kickoff, Sales Training) 150
External speaker (DAC, CDNLive!, seminars, webinars) 150
Company included in Cadence earnings release announcement 175
Beta launch reference (quote in press release/interview with analyst or media) 250
Featured customer success story 250
Exclusive press release 250
Video testimonial 350
Authored white paper 350
Hosting local user group 350

Reward Points Value
One day credit of product training at Cadence facility 250
Pass to CDNLive! 250
Pass to industry conference 300
Online training 500
Invitation to exclusive Cadence customer appreciation events (lunch/dinner with Cadence executive, VIP events at DAC, access to engineers) 600

How it Works
As a Cadence Customer Reference Program participant, you will receive dedicated attention from the program manager, who will be your advocate and ensure that you are briefed and prepared for any reference activity. Cadence works with your Corporate Communications department to operate within your company policies. Your program manager will ensure that you are matched with appropriate opportunities that fit your interests, issues, and schedule.

Your participation begins with submitting your membership form, followed by a telephone interview with your program manager. This conversation helps us understand the structure and goals of your company, review how you use Cadence solutions, and determine which reference opportunities might be suitable.

After the interview, your information will be shared with the appropriate Cadence representatives and you may be asked to participate in marketing, PR, or sales activities with Cadence. Customers who prefer to remain anonymous when speaking with prospects or analysts are free to do so.

To learn more about the Customer Reference Program send an email to

Twitter @References4U