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Rich Owen

I've been working in EDA for about seven years now, both as an individual contributor and as a team leader. My focus has been on digital design, particularly the challenges faced during synthesis and implementation. Over the past two years, my focus has been enhanced to include all things power related.

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Cadence and Very Cool Stuff
One of the very cool things about my job is that I get to see all kinds of new stuff early. I’m privileged to be involved in technology roll outs, and so get to be involved in early discussions with R&D, Product Engineering, and Marketing. And   Read More »
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Leakage Power and National Security
I read an interesting article recently on EDN regarding a new way to determine cryptographic keys using leakage power. Differential power has long been documented to be a method of cracking keys. In this paper, the author, Milena Jovanovic of the University   Read More »
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Accurately Measuring Power
I was browsing low power news the other day, and came across an interesting announcement from AMD regarding some new processors being released. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1001_3-10149696-92.html. These are follow up processors to their Shanghai core series   Read More »
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What Was Cool at CES?
First off, let me wish you all a very Happy New Year. I hope 2009 brings fun and success to everyone. Second, I’d like to apologize for the lag in my posts. My loyal readers (thanks Mom!) have been wondering why I went quiet. Nothing dire; it just   Read More »
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What I'm Thankful For - The Geek Version
Here in the US, it is approaching Thanksgiving. Traditionally at this time of year, people gather with their families and give thanks for their blessings over the year. Or at least that’s what the Hallmark Cards show. Blogs will traditionally be   Read More »
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Better Fix That Leak
Things that leak are bad. If your hot water tank leaks, you might ruin your basement. If your furnace leaks, you might get blown up. And if your device leaks, you might not be able to sell your products in the EU. Ok, maybe the later isn’t as bad   Read More »
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Actually, It Is Easy Being Green
Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a leadfoot. I like to go fast, especially off stop lights. Maybe it is the competitive streak in me, but I love to be the first off a light. Or maybe it is just me showing the BMW drivers that my Hyundai can   Read More »
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Pretty Scary, Huh Kids?
In honor of Halloween, here are some horror stories about low power bugs. These are real bugs at real customers that would have led to real dead chips. Horror story #1: It was a dark and stormy night… Ok, it was around lunch time. But a customer   Read More »
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The History of CPF
I’ve shied away from getting into the power format wars – honestly, the whole question kind of bores me. I think everyone can agree that specifying your power intent in a single file that drives all the tools in the flow is a good thing. The   Read More »
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Coarse PSO and the new Apple MacBook
After a long day, I like to browse around the web, looking for interesting stories. Ok, yes, I’m a geek (as my daughter continues to remind me, accompanied by a roll of her eyes). But I found this story about the new MacBook too interesting to pass   Read More »
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