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 What are you measuring? (Indicators)  

Last post Tue, Jun 6 2006 11:11 PM by archive. 0 replies.
Started by archive 06 Jun 2006 11:11 PM. Topic has 0 replies and 912 views
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  • Tue, Jun 6 2006 11:11 PM

    • archive
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    What are you measuring? (Indicators) Reply


    I would like to collate a list of what people are measuring for verification.

    Since there are numerous things which can be measured, many things that should be measured, and a whole bunch of things that shouldn't never be measured, I would like to poll the community to see which things you (or your managers) are currently measuring, or measured on your previous project.

    Once we compile a list I think it would be interesting to sort them by stage in the project and then do some informal voting to decide what the top 3-5 things to measure in each stage of the project.

    So as a first step I'll jot down some of the things that I have seen measured without mentioning the stage of the project and if they are useful or not. Here they are:

    Coverage Definition completed (for each feature & block) (Ex. 3 of 16 are complete)

    Coverage review completed (for each feature & block)

    % Functional Coverage achieved (including failed tests)

    % Functional Coverage achieved (excluding failed tests)

    % Line coverage

    % Toggle Coverage

    % Condition Coverage

    Code review complete for each block

    Checker code review complete

    # of lines of RTL changed week to week

    # of lines of TB changed week to week

    # of rtl bugs

    # of rtl showstopper/medium/low bugs

    # of rtl bugs in each block

    # of bugs in the testbench

    # of days turnaround time for rtl bugs

    # of assertions per lines of code


    Please add your lists so we can start doing some analysis…





    Originally posted in cdnusers.org by Akiva
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Started by archive at 06 Jun 2006 11:11 PM. Topic has 0 replies.