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 Error during hdlImport 

Last post Wed, Sep 20 2006 5:24 PM by archive. 0 replies.
Started by archive 20 Sep 2006 05:24 PM. Topic has 0 replies and 1433 views
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  • Wed, Sep 20 2006 5:24 PM

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    Error during hdlImport Reply

    Note:  following is dialogue between a customer and Cadence engineers on an issue with an error during hdlImport. 

    Subject: Error during hdlImport

    Hi All,

    On one of the designs, hdlImport is failed without giving any error message.

    I am using hdlImport -2001 command to import the design files.

    When I tried to use vavlog then it exit abnormally with "Exit 1" message in the end.

    I have used IXE4.0, IXE3.1 version.

    Please let me know how should I proceed as there is no error message coming out of the tool.


    Cadence answers:
    If it is true that you have no error and no prior warning you need to isolate down to the exact module (or better the exact construct) and simply log it with R&D - they have tools which can trace what is going on.

    We had something similar with Linux,

    Because there were too many hdlInputFile statements ( several 1000 ). We had to split it up and do more hdlImport commands in between. Is that your thing?

    Customer response:
    The filelist is huge. I will try this workaround.

    We are running on Solaris environment.


    Cadence comment:
    In the past, I have worked around this issue by using a single hdlInputFile -f caf command,

    where caf is the file that contains all the -y, -v etc. switches.

    Originally posted in by ashvarma
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Started by archive at 20 Sep 2006 05:24 PM. Topic has 0 replies.