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 Cadence virtuoso customizations 

Last post Thu, Jun 22 2006 3:02 PM by archive. 0 replies.
Started by archive 22 Jun 2006 03:02 PM. Topic has 0 replies and 1333 views
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  • Thu, Jun 22 2006 3:02 PM

    • archive
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    Cadence virtuoso customizations Reply

    As addicted user of shortcuts, I recently placed my Cadence Virtuoso
    customizations on a blog (easy maintenance, easy uploading etc.). You can find it at

     http://relyveld.wordpress.com/ - Relyveld's blog - cadence page

    Playing with analog circuits for over 10 years, I got accustomed to Cadence tools and wanted to change a few things. It all started with the desire to use Alt-1 to toggle metal1 visibility, and Alt-2 to toggle metal2 visibility. Then I started to want other posibilities, get rid of the LSW window, raise the library manager etc. I quickly grew out of Alt-… keys and introduced Alt-a Alt-b combinations, typed after each other. The file below contains a lot of my current customizations but cannot be used directly. It needs a few modifications to localize the right paths and variables. So it is necessary to have skill knowledge to install. A installer is not part of the game.

    Example 1: switch to schematic view when in a Virtuoso layout window:
    Alt-i  : go to library manager mode
    Alt-e : switch to schematic view of this cell
    Alt-e : switch back to the layout view

    Example 2: select all single vias in a Virtuoso layout window:
    Alt-f  : go to filter mode
    Alt-v : select vias (in the visible part of the active window)
    Shift-Alt-b : filter smaller items (works with transistors, vias,
    rectangles etc.)
    repeat Shift-Alt-b until you get only the single ones

    Feel free to use it and let me know what you like (or not) if
    you want.

    Greetings, William.

    Originally posted in cdnusers.org by relyveld
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Started by archive at 22 Jun 2006 03:02 PM. Topic has 0 replies.