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 LEC debug points report generation ??? 

Last post Tue, Jul 22 2014 7:53 PM by sogold. 2 replies.
Started by aperla 29 May 2014 08:03 AM. Topic has 2 replies and 3079 views
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  • Thu, May 29 2014 8:03 AM

    • aperla
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    LEC debug points report generation ??? Reply

    LEC between rtl and netlist

    i have black boxed all the logic blocks. 

    assue there is no logic between inputs to till black boxes.

    now i wanted to generate the report for each failed point with respect to inputs

    please help



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  • Wed, Jun 4 2014 3:58 PM

    Re: LEC debug points report generation ??? Reply

    For each non-equivalent point (and a blackbox is considered as 1 point), you can generate a diagnosis report for it with "diagnose" command.


    LEC> diagnose top/A/B/C/u_sram -golden

    When it's a blackbox, LEC will diagnose and report each and every input pins which are non-equivalent.

     Here's the description of "diagnose" command.

           <<gate_id> | <instance_pathname> | <pin_pathname>
             [-Golden | -Revised]
             [-NUm <integer>]
            | -SUMmary [integer][-SOrt <SUpport | SIze>]
           (LEC Mode)

           Runs diagnosis on a specified compared point. Specify the compared
           point by its gate identification number, instance path, or a pin path.
           Use this command to determine why the software identified nonequiva-
           lence between compared points.

           The diagnosis displays all of the non-corresponding support key points
           with a list of all likely error candidates from the Revised design. The
           list organizes likelihood in descending order with 1.00 being the
           greatest possible error candidate.

           Use the REPORT ENVIRONMENT command to display the maximum diagnosis
           candidates setting.

           Note: The syntax above assumes you are diagnosing mapped compare points
           (where you only need to specify one compare point). When you are diag-
           nosing instance/sequential merge nonequivalence, you must specify two
           compare points.

           <gate_id>       Diagnoses the specified gate.

                           Note: ID numbers can differ from one version of Confor-
                           mal to another. Always use the full path in dofiles and
                           any time you rerun a design with a different Conformal

                           Diagnoses the specified instance path.

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  • Tue, Jul 22 2014 7:53 PM

    • sogold
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    Re: LEC debug points report generation ??? Reply

           <<gate_id> | <instance_pathname> | <pin_pathname>
             [-Golden | -Revised]

    I don't understand this part

    sogold - founder gia ca phe hom nay and gia ca phe noi dia 

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Started by aperla at 29 May 2014 08:03 AM. Topic has 2 replies.