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 axlDBCreatePadStack Warnings... 

Last post Sun, Jan 19 2014 5:36 PM by eDave. 1 replies.
Started by mikebystedt 16 Jan 2014 03:31 PM. Topic has 1 replies and 3960 views
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  • Thu, Jan 16 2014 3:31 PM

    axlDBCreatePadStack Warnings... Reply
    Hi All, have any of you seen these errors before?  I'm getting closer and closer to creating my padstacks,
    but still get some warnings that don't seem to point me in the right direction. (I'm a programmer and new to
    pcb design).  My current function to copy padstacks is listed below.

    I'm seeing things like the following:
    - W- *WARNING* (axlDBCreatePadStack): Hole larger than pad size on layer FILMMASKTOP
    - W- *WARNING* (axlDBCreatePadStack): Padstack origin outside pad boundary on layer TOP

    I'm assuming that they must be the figureSizes for the drillData and the Pad data.  The wording of the messages
    don't really give me too many hints on what to next to resolve these.  Again, I'm new to this, and especially to the
    createPadStack function.  

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


    procedure( copyPadStack(padStackName newPadStackName)
      let(( form padStackName newPadStackName drill_data )   
    ps = axlLoadPadstack(padStackName)
    /*** Get Drill Data for padStack ***/
    drill_data = make_axlPadStackDrill(
    ;?fixed ps->fixed
    ;?uvia   ps->uvia
    ;?keepout   ps->keepout
    ?drillDiameter ps->drillDiameter
    ?figure ps->drillFigureName ;;symbol
    ;?figureSize ps->figureSize
    ?figureSize list(ps->drillFigureWidth ps->drillFigureHeight)
    ?offset ps->drillOffset
    ?plating ps->plating ;;symbol
    ?drillChar ps->drillChar
    ;?multiDrillData ps->multiDrillData
    ;?holeType ps->holeType ;;symbol
    ;?slotSize ps->slotSize
    ;?holeTolerance ps->holeTolerance
    ;?drillNonStandard ps->drillNonStandard ;;symbol

    padList = nil
    foreach( pad ps->pads
    /*** Get the figure size. ***/
    ll = car(pad->bBox)
    ur = cadr(pad->bBox)
    x1 = car(ll)
    y1 = cadr(ll)
    x2 = car(ur)
    y2 = cadr(ur)
    width = x2 - x1
    height = y2 - y1
    figureSize = list(width height)
    type = stringToSymbol(pad->type)
    when( type == 'ANTI  type = 'ANTIPAD )

    newPad = make_axlPadStackPad(
    ?layer cadr(parseString(pad->layer "/")) 
    ?type type  ;;Symbol
    ?figure pad->figureName ;;Symbol
    ?flash pad->flash ;;String
    ?figureSize figureSize ;;Must adjust size to so that it matches the type.
    ?offset pad->offset
    /*** ignoreLayers is just for debugtging. Trying to isolate different warning messages. ***/
    ignoreLayers = nil
    unless( member(cadr(parseString(pad->layer "/")) ignoreLayers) ;;Mike. Just for debugging.
    padList = cons(newPad, padList)
    padList = reverse(padList) ;;Temp. Just for debugging.  Order shouldn't matter.
    mikeDB = axlDBCreatePadStack(newPadStackName, drill_data, padList)
      );End let.
    );End copyPadStack().
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  • Sun, Jan 19 2014 5:36 PM

    • eDave
    • Top 10 Contributor
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    • Christchurch, 00-NZ
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    Re: axlDBCreatePadStack Warnings... Reply

    Both those "errors" are just warnings so you could ignore them.

    There is no problem having some pads smaller than the hole. This is common with etch on unplated holes.

    The "Padstack origin outside pad boundary" is probably due to a large offset on the source pad. This is OK but it's a warning you should review.

    Dave Elder, Tait Communications
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Started by mikebystedt at 16 Jan 2014 03:31 PM. Topic has 1 replies.