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 Questions about a creating a menu from ADE 

Last post Sat, Aug 24 2013 10:26 PM by TaherKotb. 1 replies.
Started by nrk1 21 Aug 2013 07:30 PM. Topic has 1 replies and 270 views
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  • Wed, Aug 21 2013 7:30 PM

    • nrk1
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    Questions about a creating a menu from ADE Reply

    I want to create (skill code for) a new menu item in ADE which will help with modified circuit analysis(The analysis itself isn't modified. The circuit is modified several times, transient analysis run on it, and the results combined). I'd like pointers on where to look for the information below. I have already got the skill code working for modifying the schematic based on some information entered in the new menu form. I'm assuming that the transient analysis for the original circuit is setup correctly in ADE (from which the menu will be called) and I am hoping that I can run simulations on the modified circuit by using most of this setup and changing only the netlist. 

    * If I create a menu from ADE, will it inherit the attributes(simulation setup, model setup, environment, variables etc.) of the parent session. How do I access these? I guess I'll need these to create the new netlist(in which essentially one element is replaced with another) and run the simulation. 

    * I see an executable runSimulation and a skill file spectre*.ocn in psf/ directory. Which of these should I use to run the simulation?



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  • Sat, Aug 24 2013 10:26 PM

    • TaherKotb
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    Re: Questions about a creating a menu from ADE Reply

    Hello Negendra

    Here are some answers 

     I am not sure if you want to create a new menu or a new item in an existing menu so i wrote both.

     ;; Create a new pull down menu with menu items

     procedure( load_file()

             load( "/form1.il" )  ;; the file you want to link to the menu item and be loaded


    ; get the menu item description 

     trMenuItemTwo = hiCreateMenuItem(?name 'trMenuItemTwo ?itemText "sensitivity analysis " ?callback "load_file()")

    ; create pull down menu adding the menu item description as an argument




      list( trMenuItemTwo )


     ;; adding a menu item in an existing menu ( say Analyses )

    ; get the list of menus available in window of the ADE (   when you run this command ADE window should be the top window) 

     hiGetBannerMenus( hiGetCurrentWindow() )

    ->( sevSessionMenu1 sevSetupMenu1 sevAnalysesMenu1 sevVariablesMenu1

        sevOutputsMenu1 sevSimulationMenu1 sevResultsMenu1 sevToolsMenu1 sevHelpMenu1

    add the menu item (trMenuItemTwo in the Analyses pull down menu) 

     hiInsertMenuItem( sevAnalysesMenu1 trMenuItemTwo  0 ) ; 0 is the position of the menu item in the menu (first)


    You can refer to the Skill User Interface reference (skuiref) for more info and you can create the sliding menuitem using hiCreateSliderMenuItem


    Best Regards


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Started by nrk1 at 21 Aug 2013 07:30 PM. Topic has 1 replies.