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 Noise sources in PSS analysis 

Last post Fri, May 17 2013 4:43 AM by Andrew Beckett. 1 replies.
Started by OneNewBoy 14 May 2013 05:51 PM. Topic has 1 replies and 761 views
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  • Tue, May 14 2013 5:51 PM

    • OneNewBoy
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    Noise sources in PSS analysis Reply

    Hi all,

    I have a pretty simple doubt. I am using Verilog A based circuit netlist to perform circuit simulation in cadence spectre.

    I have defined some flicker noise sources in the same netlist. If I simulated a simple differential amplifier, I can get the inut referred noise through noise analysis.

    Now suppose I wish to simulated a clocked comparator, will I need to change the flicker noise models before I do the noise analysis to get the input referred noise for this circuit ? In fact a direct noise analysis just gives noise contriution in the output current, while the input misses them completely. This is probably due to: gain is not exactly defined for clocked circuits in simple noise analysis [as gain is defined based on unique bias points, so it will be defined  in case of a static biasing circuit like a differential amplifier unlike the case of clocked comparator]. 

    Probably I will need to do PSS for that or are there any other approaches to derive input referred noise of such clocked circuits ?

    Any pointers will be great. Thanks a lot ! 

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  • Fri, May 17 2013 4:43 AM

    Re: Noise sources in PSS analysis Reply

    You will need to use pss/pnoise to simulate a switching circuit like this - then you can get the time-averaged noise over a clock cycle.



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Started by OneNewBoy at 14 May 2013 05:51 PM. Topic has 1 replies.