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 VHDL/Verilog simulation help in Virtuoso 

Last post Sat, May 11 2013 4:21 PM by Tejaswi. 0 replies.
Started by Tejaswi 11 May 2013 04:21 PM. Topic has 0 replies and 697 views
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  • Sat, May 11 2013 4:21 PM

    • Tejaswi
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    VHDL/Verilog simulation help in Virtuoso Reply
    I am new to Virtuoso Cadence, and I am trying to create a Parallel to serial block using the Verilog or VHDL. I have written the VHDL code as well. The problem I'm getting is how to create the block.

    This is how I have tried:

    created the symbol, cell name to be paralleltoserial---->
    From the cell view, edit>properties> VHDL----->
    I have entered the Scalar and Vector data types----->
    Here I got a Design> Create cell view > from cell view, and "to view name" is set to VHDL---->
    Now a VHDL language editor is created. 

    Here I have written my code: 

     entity PARALLELtoSERIAL is
            generic (N : POSITIVE := 8);
            port(PAR_DATA: in STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(1 to 8));
            CLK,DATA_READY : in STD_LOGIC;
            SER_OUT : out STD_LOGIC);
    architecture SHIFT of PARALLELtoSERIAL is
            signal SAVE_REG : STD_LOGIC_VECTOR( 1 to N);
                    if DATA_READY - '1' then
                            SAVE_REG <= PAR_DATA;
                            elseif CLK'EVENT and CLK = '1' then
                                    SAVE_REG(1 to 7) <= SAVE_REG(2 to 8);
                            end if;
                    end process;
                    SER_OUT <= SAVE_REG(1);

    I do not know how to save the code, as it does not have save option. But I considered it to be saved automatically and went to next steps:
    Opened VHDL Toolbox, and set the path of the vhdl block and then try to run but in the cds.log I could see only "Loading defaults for vhdl simulator" and that's it. 
    When I try to get the netlist I am getting the error and unable to get the netlist. 

    Please can anyone help me out. 

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Started by Tejaswi at 11 May 2013 04:21 PM. Topic has 0 replies.