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 .color files 

Last post Tue, Mar 26 2013 10:27 AM by BuddSw. 4 replies.
Started by Roger G 01 Nov 2012 06:23 AM. Topic has 4 replies and 1161 views
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  • Thu, Nov 1 2012 6:23 AM

    • Roger G
    • Top 500 Contributor
    • Joined on Wed, Sep 24 2008
    • Reading, Berkshire
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    .color files Reply

    Does anyone know if it is possible to set a variable in the env file so that Allegro looks in one place for .color (view) files insted of the local directory.

    Roger G


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  • Thu, Nov 1 2012 7:20 AM

    • DawnC
    • Top 200 Contributor
    • Joined on Wed, Oct 27 2010
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    Re: .color files Reply

    You can set the path:  Setup\User Preferences\Config\viewpath 

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  • Thu, Nov 1 2012 11:05 PM

    • Ejlersen
    • Top 10 Contributor
    • Joined on Mon, Jul 28 2008
    • Aalborg, Copenhagen
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    Re: .color files Reply


    Or you and your team could use the site setup.

    Define an env variable named "cds_site" with a path value like x:\development\cadence

    Now you get a shared setup for all users with default paths for lots of stuff inside a subpath named pcb

    place shortcuts (alias and funckeys) in x:\development\cadence\pcb\site.env file (you can also override default installation paths in this file) Notice that the setup in this file is read before the individual users env file, so local setup will override the settings in site.env

     Also copy the folder structure from inside %cdsroot%\share\local\pcb to x:\development\cadence\pcb

    This will give you the a number of directories for storing site team wide setups (read the readme.txt inside the share\local\pcb folder)

    Amongst the directories is a views subfolder for .color files. 

    I hope this helps.



    Best regards Ole
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  • Mon, Mar 25 2013 12:24 AM

    • seyerfred
    • Top 500 Contributor
    • Joined on Tue, Mar 12 2013
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    Re: .color files Reply

    hi sir,

      where can i find the colorview create.il? is there any in allegro? because i only found colorview create form...

    please help. thank you 

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  • Tue, Mar 26 2013 10:27 AM

    • BuddSw
    • Top 500 Contributor
    • Joined on Thu, May 12 2011
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    Re: .color files Reply

    Thank you.  Some of my color files get edited to be board specific and all of those still carry the same names.  Those I will keep with individual projects.  However, I have created a folder for the universal color files, moved them to that folder, set up the path and tested it.  Good stuff.  While being nowhere near a new designer (first board designed in 1978) I have "only" been using this tool for about 9 years and still find it less-intuitive than other tools I have used in the past. I peruse this forum regularly both to help where I can and to learn new things about the tool and your post has done that. Again I say thanks.

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Started by Roger G at 01 Nov 2012 06:23 AM. Topic has 4 replies.