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 Capture to PCB editor 

Last post Sat, Jul 31 2010 8:28 PM by redwire. 4 replies.
Started by JBmtk 05 Jul 2010 10:24 PM. Topic has 4 replies and 2709 views
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  • Mon, Jul 5 2010 10:24 PM

    • JBmtk
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    Capture to PCB editor Reply


     I have a schematic finished in Capture, and I am able to produce a netlist. However, in PCB editor, I am unable to load in the parts:


    #39  WARNING(SPMHNI-316): Property warning detected.

    WARNING(SPMHNI-301): Problems with component 'C1'. Error with component property '' and value 'VOLTAGE': 'CMAX'

    #13  WARNING(SPMHNI-192): Device/Symbol check warning detected.

    WARNING(SPMHNI-194): Symbol 'VRES10' for device 'POT_VRES10_1K' not found in PSMPATH or must be "dbdoctor"ed.

     Also, is there an easier way of adding generic footprints? In Orcad Layout I remember being able to easily add in default footprints. In Capture I resort to simply putting in something like "dip2". 

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  • Tue, Jul 6 2010 1:23 AM

    • steve
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    • Woking, Surrey
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    Re: Capture to PCB editor Reply


    The warning is saying that it cannot find a footprint part VRES10. Under setup - user preferences - paths - library define your padpath and psmpath to point to where your pcb footprints and pads are stored. Make sure you have a footprint (symbol) called vres10.dra and vres10.psm here.

    Store all your footprints in this defined directory. Unfortunately there is no Library Manager as there was in Layout.

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  • Thu, Jul 29 2010 3:55 AM

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    • BANGALORE, Karnataka
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    Re: Capture to PCB editor Reply
    hi, for first warning , choose the capacitor which is having polarity that is c/ANALOG_P instead of c/ANALOG
    Hanumagouda Patil
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  • Fri, Jul 30 2010 4:48 PM

    • techworks
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    Re: Capture to PCB editor Reply


       Thanks for that response ...I think I am starting to see the links in the chain now ?  Are you saying that if I set my pcb footprint value in the property edits table (for a symbol on a CAPTURE schematic) to the name of a footprint symbol called  xxx.dra  and xxx.psm and also ...set the padpath and psmpath to where they are stored  , then PCB Editor will associate the schematic netlist with this footprint ??

    (ORCAD 10 and Layout was so much easier to understand )

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  • Sat, Jul 31 2010 8:28 PM

    • redwire
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    • Joined on Thu, Jul 17 2008
    • Allen, TX
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    Re: Capture to PCB editor Reply

     Pads are stored wherever you want; Symbols are stored wherever you want.  padpath points to pads only; psmpath points to symbols.

    The netlister looks for parts in psmpath.  When placing, Allegro caches the pad from padpath.

    Your netlist in Capture will refer to the psm filename only.  ".dra" are only used to create the ".psm" and do NOT have to be in the same paths.

    Watch your use of "VOLTAGE" for passives -- Allegro does not use this property for a rating.  Create a new property such as "VOLTAGE_RATING" instead.

    VOLTAGE is used on nets to assign a DC voltage level for further analysis only.

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Started by JBmtk at 05 Jul 2010 10:24 PM. Topic has 4 replies.