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 Pin "VDD": floating input/output 

Last post Thu, Jun 11 2009 9:18 AM by Andrew Beckett. 1 replies.
Started by SUBBHAREDDY 11 Jun 2009 08:52 AM. Topic has 1 replies and 2502 views
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  • Thu, Jun 11 2009 8:52 AM

    Pin "VDD": floating input/output Reply


    In my schematic, For an inverter A(input),ZN(output),VDD(inputOutput), VSS(inputOutput) pins are present.

    Through skill code i removed "VDD" and instantiated "vdd_inherit" symbol.

    when i do check and save i used to get the below warning :

    Pin "VDD": floating input/output

    Here is the code i had written :

     pindb=car(setof(x cv~>instances (x~>pin~>term~>name=="VDD")))

    x_cord = car(pindb~>xy)
    y_cord = cadr(pindb~>xy)


    symbolId = dbOpenCellViewByType("basic"  "vss_inherit" "symbol" nil "r")
    schCreateInst(cv symbolId nil x_cord:y_cord "R0")


    Warning: Pin "VDD": floating input/output.

    Pls let me know what would be the problem  

    Thanks and regards



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  • Thu, Jun 11 2009 9:18 AM

    Re: Pin "VDD": floating input/output Reply

    What version are you using (and subversion)? I tried this in both IC5141 and IC613 and it worked in both... (latest ISR in both cases).



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Started by SUBBHAREDDY at 11 Jun 2009 08:52 AM. Topic has 1 replies.