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 BGA Design with a Die Cavity 

Last post Fri, Jul 17 2009 6:06 AM by cmoll. 1 replies.
Started by TimR 09 Jun 2009 06:59 AM. Topic has 1 replies and 2989 views
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  • Tue, Jun 9 2009 6:59 AM

    • TimR
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    BGA Design with a Die Cavity Reply

    I am working on a BGA desgin where the die is placed in a cavity.  Is there a way to create a cavity in the cross-section in APD 16.2?

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  • Fri, Jul 17 2009 6:06 AM

    • cmoll
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    Re: BGA Design with a Die Cavity Reply
    Start by defining the substrate cross section and the cavity outline in your substrate, like a shape outline. Typically there will be a bed for defining the “bottom” of the cavity.  You would need to move that bed from the top conductor to the inner layer that would be defined as the bed where the die would sit.So for instance, you would move it “y distance down on the vertical axis ” or for example “-200um” down from your top conductor.          To move the die, change the property value of the PACKAGE_HEIGHT_MIN and PACKAGE_HEIGHT_MAX attached to the class/subclass “Component Geometry/PLACE_BOUND_TOP” of the die.          That value should correspond to the value of your bed (-200um in this example)          By default those values are 0 or positive values meaning the component is on the top level layer like an SMD component on a PCB with a certain min/max height. This is used for checking mechanical interference for example between the components and a molded case where we can have different height...Check the cavity arrangement with the 3D viewer to verify location of Die.  This setup should be supported by field solvers if the cross section and extracta data is correctly processed.


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Started by TimR at 09 Jun 2009 06:59 AM. Topic has 1 replies.