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 skill to create/replace pins in symbol view  

Last post Mon, Jun 8 2009 7:02 AM by Andrew Beckett. 1 replies.
Started by SUBBHAREDDY 07 Jun 2009 03:11 AM. Topic has 1 replies and 2293 views
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  • Sun, Jun 7 2009 3:11 AM

    skill to create/replace pins in symbol view Reply


    i had added two pins in schematic view.

    At the same time i want to add those pins in symbol view also.

    I used "schDrawSymbolPin" function to draw.But whatever it created is not consistency with the other pins already present.

    i.e Creating somewhere else in symbol view,with different shapes.

    How to get the exact list points where,it should be created.

    Finally,how to create,or replace already existing symbol pins.

    How to get the list points,because different cells will have different boundary box?

    Could you please list the steps to be followed?


    Thanks and regards



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  • Mon, Jun 8 2009 7:02 AM

    Re: skill to create/replace pins in symbol view Reply

    I suspect you really want to be using schCreateSymbolPin - this creates a pin using a cellView as a master - which is what the create pin command in the symbol editor does.

    In the CIW, if you type:


    you'll see which cellViews are used for which master. For example, you can see that basic/actHiInp/symbol is used for actHi input.

    So you could do:

    ; coord is where you want to place the pin. cvId is the database Id of the symbol
    pinMaster=dbOpenCellViewByType("basic" "actHiInp" "symbol")

    Only you can know where on the symbol you wish to place the symbol. In the symbol editor, if you do Options->Display and turn on "Coordinates in status banner" so you can see where is a relevant location.

    The same would be true if using schDrawSymbolPin - this is just expecting a list of coordinates for the red blob which is the pin. You need to determine where you want them to be - I can't work that out for you.

    As for replacing an existing pin, easiest to delete it and re-add it, I guess:

    ; termName is the terminal you want to delete, cvId the cellView
    term=dbFindTermByName(cvId termName)
    foreach(pin term~>pins

    Or something like that...



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Started by SUBBHAREDDY at 07 Jun 2009 03:11 AM. Topic has 1 replies.