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 spectre RF Noise-Aware PLL -plugin 

Last post Mon, Jun 1 2009 11:32 AM by 4321. 0 replies.
Started by 4321 01 Jun 2009 11:32 AM. Topic has 0 replies and 2459 views
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  • Mon, Jun 1 2009 11:32 AM

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    spectre RF Noise-Aware PLL -plugin Reply


    My virtuoso version is IC6.1.3.1

    I want to make the PLL simulation using the Cadence 6.1.3 tool PLL Macro Model Wizard.

    First I followed this:
    To use a plugin, ADE needs to run in batch mode. This option can be set in the
    .cdsinit file by using
    envSetVal("spectre.envOpts" "controlMode" 'string "batch")

    Then I was trying to extract the VCO macro model. I was following the
    spectre user guide 7.0.1 instructions but I had problem with the step

    8. Run the simulation with the VCO extraction plugin.
    Using the plugin for VCO extraction, the command line is
    spectre --plugin libpllPPVoscModel_sh.so

    I wrote the mentioned command in the command line of Virtuoso but an
    error appeard:
    Error eval: undefined function - spectre

    When I tried to run a PSS and PNOISE simulation there was an error in the output log file:
    Error found by spectre.
    ERROR: Make sure PSS or PNOISE analysis has ppv parameter set

    The Perturbation Projection Vector (PPV) is extracted in the VCO test bench so during the extraction procedure. So I guess I need this plugin to set ppv parameter.

    When I tried again to load the plugin I got an error:
    Error eval: unbound variable -plugin

    Now the error was different probably because when I ran simulation the netlist was generated.

    Mayby this command should be written somewhere else. Maybe in some
    cadence config file, just to let the program know that I want load
    that plugin.

    Could you give me some hints how can I solve this problem.


    ok, I found the solution 

    I had to add parameter ppv eg. ppv=20 to PSS or PNOISE. It means the number of sample points per period.

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Started by 4321 at 01 Jun 2009 11:32 AM. Topic has 0 replies.