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 How to edit single database parllel 

Last post Sun, Mar 8 2009 3:39 AM by Romme. 3 replies.
Started by bharath2k4er 16 Feb 2009 09:11 PM. Topic has 3 replies and 1445 views
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  • Mon, Feb 16 2009 9:11 PM

    • bharath2k4er
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    • blr, Karnataka
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    How to edit single database parllel Reply


          Can i get some idea on how to edit the same layout in multiple places. In the straight way it is not possible.

                        say i have 1000 DRC errors. Single guy fixing it is time consuming. so i wanted 2 guys to fix it. 1st one will start from 1-250 and the 2nd one will start from 500-250.

              can someone suggest the logic to implement this functionality.

    Tell me the different ways possible to do the same functionality..

    My Ideas:

            -->take a copy of layout and start fixing the errors. After fixing, merge the two GDS file. But i am not sure how difficult it is in the implementation point of view..


    Expecting a very good idea for this..  


    Thanks, Bharath
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  • Tue, Feb 17 2009 1:54 AM

    • AnuJoamon
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    • Joined on Mon, Feb 2 2009
    • Bangalore, Karnataka
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    Re: How to edit single database parllel Reply

    Dear Bharath,

     I think such problem arises many times. What we have been doing in our team is that keep the layout at network location and both persons work on the same at the same time. But this is possible only when the design is having hierarchy and persons are able to work on different cells at the same time. If anyone tries to change a cell other person already working, due to the related lock file, he/she is not allowed for the same.

     Further regarding the distribution of errors, it may that the DRC related to FEOL layers are handled by one and teh BEOL by the other. If the span of erros is large over the metallization, the breakup could be taken accoudingly.

     BUT, if the design is flat on which both the persons have to work, The idea about what you mentioned of combiing the GDS is something strange. The is possibility that we combine the different layers of different layout to one, but I feel that will make it a mess.

     Expecting some more solutions from other friends. Just wanted to share my experience of handling such issues.


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  • Fri, Feb 20 2009 8:09 AM

    Re: How to edit single database parllel Reply

     More than one user cannot have a cell open for edit at the same time. To do so would be a potential disaster. Merging GDS is also a danger because one' fix may conflict with another's fix.

    That said, more than one can work on the same layout at the same time as long as they only open a cell for edit while they are working on it. Using Edit In Place and Save and Make Read Only will make this work:

    1. Each designer opens their own empty cellView.

    2. Place the top level cell with the error cells as an instance in the cellView

    3. Use edit-in-place to push into the cells to make the edits. If all the edits are in the top level cell, this won't work but often they are in lower level cells as well.

    4. After editing, the user Saves the current cell, checks it in if using design management, makes it read only and returns to the top.

    If all the edits in the top level cell, you may have to split the data in the top level cell into multiple cells (quadrant cells?) so each user can edit on a different cell to fix the errors.


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  • Sun, Mar 8 2009 3:39 AM

    • Romme
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    • Joined on Wed, Jul 16 2008
    • Bagsvaerd, Copenhagen
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    Re: How to edit single database parllel Reply

    If You can precisly tell who do what and where. Then one works at the "master" and one on a copy. When done use clipbaord to to copy-paste from the copy into master and You might have to do some smaller drc cleanup after, but in this way 100 people easely could do drc cleaning in one job fast :-).


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Started by bharath2k4er at 16 Feb 2009 09:11 PM. Topic has 3 replies.