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 IC5.1.41 distributed processing copyMode problem 

Last post Fri, Dec 5 2008 7:46 AM by benlau. 0 replies.
Started by benlau 05 Dec 2008 07:46 AM. Topic has 0 replies and 1296 views
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  • Fri, Dec 5 2008 7:46 AM

    • benlau
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    IC5.1.41 distributed processing copyMode problem Reply
    Hello gentlemen,

    I am new user and I am not sure into which forum this should go, so I selected this one :)

    Recently I've been trying to setup distributed processing environment. It seams everything is working ok: DP setup check finishes without errors, simulations run and finishes. So I am almost done except one tiny problem, which occurs when in .cdsenv file I use

    asimenv.distributed     copyMode        boolean  t

    i.e. copy mode is enabled instead of the network mode. Simulations run (I tried parametric analysis) just fine, it finishes without errors. However I can't access the results. I dug deeper into file system, where my simulation data is stored and found some differences how the data is stored. From documentation I found it should be located as follows:


    But in my case some files are really in this dir:





    But other files (logs and simulation data itself) are in the following dir:


    From where this additional /psf/ comes? If I move the files from .../psf/psf/files to .../psf/files the results are displayed just fine...

    In network mode there is no such problem, everything is ok.

    One additional remark. I use ssh and scp instead of rsh and rcp, i.e. I just replaced the binary rsh and rcp with the links to ssh and scp in /usr/bin/. This is a workaround, because in this version (IC5.1.41) it is not possible to use ssh and scp by cadence means, I only found in IC6.1.3 the variable “asimenv.distributed remoteShell” where is possible select between rsh and ssh (rcp and scp respectively). Although I am not quite sure if scp (instead of rcp) is the reason for strange behavior, because scp is (or should be, if I read the man pages right) back compatible with rcp.

    Conclusions. With current situation I have I would like to keep ssh/scp for security reasons; use copy mode, because network mode may require redesign of current network/CAD setup; use IC5.1.41 to minimize changes to CAD environment; avoid using additional scripts for copying data into the right place.

    If anyone got some clue, please let me know.




    OS – RedHat linux ES 4 & 5

    Cadence Tools – IC5.1.41
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Started by benlau at 05 Dec 2008 07:46 AM. Topic has 0 replies.