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 What's new in our comunity 

Last post Thu, Jul 31 2008 6:13 PM by Community Operations. 0 replies.
Started by Community Operations 31 Jul 2008 06:13 PM. Topic has 0 replies and 2712 views
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  • Thu, Jul 31 2008 6:13 PM

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    What's new in our comunity Reply
    The new Cadence Community is reorganized and full of features that will enable users to connect and collaborate more then ever. See below for details.

    Site Organization
    You'll notice that Community, as well as Products & Solutions, are organized by user groups such as system design, verification, logic design, custom IC design, manufacturability, etc. This better matches how users think about and tackle design tasks and technology challenges, and so creates a more effective alignment of content. Within each of 9 communities, there are blogs, forums, resources, RSS feeds, and polls,

    Community Membership
    The community is open to all visitors, but registration enables user-contributed content and social networking features. Your Cadence.com account will also provide you with single sign-on access that makes it fast and easy to sign-up for webinars and other events, enroll in training, and participate in other Cadence offerings. Users with existing logins (e.g. for SourceLink) can leverage those credentials to create a Cadence.com account.
    New Blogs
    New in the community are our group blogs, where you can hear from Cadence technologists and participate in the topics through your comments. Blogs are also exposed throughout the site in other sections, and all blogs are available from the blogs landing page.  Browsing by tag and RSS feeds are available as well.

    Updated Forums
    Under the guidance of cdnusers forum moderators, we have consolidated the 20+ technology forums on cdnusers.org down to 11 on the new site. Posts have been brought over so you can leverage that posting history. The big news in forums is that they are fully bi-directionally email enabled.  Each forum has an email address (e.g. pcb_forum@cadence.com).  This means that you can post and reply to the forums via email, using the email account used for your registration. I'll say that again -- you can post and reply to the forums via email!  We think this is a huge new feature that makes forum interaction as convenient as it can possibly be. To subscribe to the forums, after logging in you will see a 'Forum subscriptions' button on the right side.  There you can toggle your subscription on/off.  The default state is off.

    The forums also support thread ratings, post tagging, inline images, and file attachments.

    Social networking
    While blogs and forums are great to get people connected through user-contributed content, we knew that we could do more than this. So the new community gives you more than just a screen name.  Check out this list of features that lets you find and connect with other members:

    • You get a Member Profile. Can complete as much as you want to share with your fellow members. Example: http://www.cadence.com/community/members/BobD.aspx
    • You can browse and search the member list.
    • You can find posts by other members.
    • You can add Friends and access your Friends list.
    • You can private message other members, through the site or via non-disclosed email.
    • You have an inbox for Private Messages

    Across the site we have have also implemented sharing and social bookmarking features.  You will find on the upper right on all pages four small tool icons taking you to these features.

    Enjoy the new community.  We hope that the new expanded content and features enable a more vibrant community for Cadence users worldwide.

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Started by Community Operations at 31 Jul 2008 06:13 PM. Topic has 0 replies.