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CDNLive! Israel 2012 September 10, 2012
David Intercontinental Hotel
Tel Aviv, Israel

Cadence Israel's 20th annual clients and partners event was held on September 10th, at the David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv. Approximately 600 attendees – including clients, business partners and Cadence employees – filled the center's halls. The impressive event was sponsored by tens of companies, and reinforced the notion that CDNLive 2012 is the largest conference in Israel's semiconductor industry.

Lip-Bu Tan, Charlie Huang, Pankaj Mayor, Martin Lund, Anirudh Devgan and other senior team members attended the event. The executives contributed to the program and also met with a number of clients and partners both during the event and otherwise.

Keynote Speakers: Lip-Bu Tan launched the lectures with a comprehensive key note presentation. "The global economy crises, effects Europe, U.S and China, together with the acceleration in consolidation, are a major challenge for the global semiconductor industry.Tan mentioned five trends that will help semiconductors industry growth: Applications, video, mobility, cloud and security. Douglas Patulo and Paolo Pezzati from Cadence presented the audience reducing time to revenue for 40&28nm low power SoCs through innovation and collaboration.

Technical Sessions: The audience dispersed among five halls – covering subjects related to Functional Verification, System Development, Digital Design, Custom/Analog and PCB. In addition, a number of Cadence Israel's client's success stories were shared during the event, including Altair, Ceva, Freescale, Tower-Jazz, Sandisk And more.

Designer Expo: 20 exhibitors participated in the designer expo, and highlighted the collaborative ecosystem. Happy hour – this year, our customers heard the famous lecture by Lior Tzoref about “Wisdom of crowd”. Cadence parted from its clients and partners with a Jewish new year's greeting, and extended an invitation to attend the 21st annual CDNLive 2013 Conference.

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