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20 Oct 2014 Cadence Reports Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results20 Oct 2014 Media Alert: Cadence to Host Mixed-Signal Technology Summit20 Oct 2014 Global Unichip Corporation Uses Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation System to Complete Its First Production Design on TSMC 16FF+ Process16 Oct 2014 Media Alert: Cadence to Showcase Latest Automotive Technologies at the 2014 IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day16 Oct 2014 Media Alert: Cadence to Showcase Automotive Application Solutions at SAE 2014 Convergence Conference and Exhibition15 Oct 2014 Cadence Announces Industry’s First Multi-Protocol DDR4 and LPDDR4 IP Solution15 Oct 2014 Media Alert: Cadence Distinguished Engineer Grant Martin to Present at Linley Tech Processor Conference09 Oct 2014 Cadence Wins Two TSMC Partner of the Year Awards for Soft IP and 16FF+ Solutions09 Oct 2014 Cadence Offers Industry’s First MIPI SoundWire Controller IP Solution 08 Oct 2014 Media Alert: Cadence to Keynote and Sponsor MemCon 201407 Oct 2014 Cadence Announces Pricing of $350 Million Senior Notes Offering03 Oct 2014 Cadence Announces Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results Webcast02 Oct 2014 Media Alert: Cadence to Showcase Advanced Verification Solutions at DVCon Europe 201401 Oct 2014 ARM Achieves 50X Faster OS Boot-Up on Mali GPU Development using Cadence Palladium XP Platform with ARM Fast Models

30 Sep 2014 ARM and Cadence Expand Collaboration for IoT and Wearable Device Applications Targeting TSMC’s Ultra-Low Power Technology Platform30 Sep 2014 Media Alert: Cadence to Showcase ARM-Optimized Solutions at ARM TechCon 201429 Sep 2014 Cadence and ARM Expand System-on-Chip Design Collaboration with New Multi-Year Technology Access Agreement29 Sep 2014 Cadence IP Portfolio and Tools to Support New TSMC Ultra-Low Power Technology Platform26 Sep 2014 Cadence Unveils Broad IP Portfolio for New TSMC 16nm FinFET Plus Process26 Sep 2014 Cadence Digital and Custom/Analog Tools Achieve TSMC Certification for 16FF+ Process, Companies Collaborate on 10nm FinFET25 Sep 2014 Media Alert: Cadence to Demonstrate 16FF+ Design Solutions at TSMC 2014 OIP Ecosystem Forum05 Sep 2014 Media Alert: Cadence to Showcase Latest System Connectivity and Analysis Technologies at PCB West 201403 Sep 2014 TSMC Adopts Cadence Solutions for 16nm FinFET Library Characterization02 Sep 2014 SPL Vitalizer In-Car Audio Software Now Available on Cadence Tensilica HiFi Audio/Voice DSP Family

04 Aug 2014 Cadence Introduces Voltus-Fi Custom Power Integrity Solution, Delivering Foundry-Certified SPICE-Level Accuracy for Transistor-Level Power Signoff

31 Jul 2014 Cadence Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Geoff Ribar to Present at the Pacific Crest Global Technology Leadership Forum30 Jul 2014 Airoha Technology Adopts Cadence RTL Synthesis and Test Solution, Reducing Power Consumption by 15 Percent29 Jul 2014 Cadence Achieves PCIe 3.0 Compliance for PHY and Controller IP28 Jul 2014 MEDIA ALERT: Cadence to Deliver Keynote Speech and Showcase IP Technology at 2014 Flash Memory Summit24 Jul 2014 Renesas Achieves 3X Reduction in Chip-Finishing Turnaround Time Using Cadence QuickView Signoff Data Analysis Environment23 Jul 2014 Cadence Introduces Three New OrCAD PCB Products Targeting Emerging Electronic Product Design Challenges21 Jul 2014 Cadence Reports Second Quarter 2014 Financial Results17 Jul 2014 Cadence Announces Protium Rapid Prototyping Platform and Expands System Development Suite Low-Power Verification15 Jul 2014 Ricoh Cuts Parasitic Extraction Design Closure Time in Half Using Cadence Quantus QRC Extraction Solution14 Jul 2014 Cadence Quantus QRC Extraction Solution Certified for TSMC 16nm FinFET14 Jul 2014 Cadence Announces Next-Generation Quantus QRC Extraction Solution, Delivering Best-in-Class Performance and Accuracy07 Jul 2014 Cadence Announces Second Quarter 2014 Financial Results Webcast07 Jul 2014 Hitachi Tapes Out 28nm Design with Cadence Tempus Timing Signoff Solution, Reducing Timing Closure by One Month

30 Jun 2014 MegaChips Adopts Cadence RTL-to-Signoff Solution, Cuts Tapeout Schedule in Half24 Jun 2014 LTE Protocol Stack from NextG-Com Now Available on Cadence Tensilica Processor23 Jun 2014 Cadence and QNX Announce New Tensilica HiFi Audio/Voice DSP Application for In-Car Active Noise Control20 Jun 2014 Media Alert: Chris Rowen to Present at Beyond Fusion Conference16 Jun 2014 Cadence Completes Acquisition of Jasper Design Automation03 Jun 2014 Cadence and Intel Collaborate to Enable a 14nm Tri-gate Design Platform for Customers of Intel Custom Foundry02 Jun 2014 Cadence Virtuoso Layout Suite for Electrically Aware Design Adopted By ON Semiconductor

29 May 2014 MEDIA ALERT: Cadence Showcases the Latest Innovations at DAC 201427 May 2014 Media Alert: Cadence to Showcase Comprehensive PCI Express IP and Verification Solutions at PCI-SIG 201427 May 2014 Cadence Offers Production Proven USB 3.0 Host Controller IP21 May 2014 Cadence Announces New Integrated Solution for Rapid Die-Package Interconnect Planning21 May 2014 Media Alert: Chris Rowen to Present at Embedded Vision Summit West 201420 May 2014 Cadence Extends Spectre XPS to Support Mixed-Signal Designs20 May 2014 Cadence and ARM Expand Collaboration for 64-bit Processor Designs20 May 2014 CSR Selects Cadence Palladium XP Platform for Development of ARM-based Automotive Infotainment Systems19 May 2014 Cadence Offers Immediate Availability of DDR4 PHY IP on TSMC 16nm FinFET Process19 May 2014 Media Alert: Cadence to Showcase RF Solutions at the International Microwave Symposium 201415 May 2014 Cadence Announces Immediate Availability of Industry’s First Verification IP for PCI Express 4.0 Technology15 May 2014 Cadence Announces Availability of IP Solutions on 28nm FD-SOI Process12 May 2014 HiSilicon Expands Cadence Palladium XP Platform Usage For Mobile and Digital Media SoC and ASIC Development06 May 2014 Media Alert: Connect, Share, and Inspire at CDNLive EMEA 2014 - Cadence User Conference06 May 2014 Cadence Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Geoff Ribar to Present at the JPMorgan Technology, Media and Telecom Conference

30 Apr 2014 Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D Sound Software Now Available on Cadence Tensilica HiFi Low-Power Audio/Voice Processors29 Apr 2014 Cadence Corporate Vice President and Controller Sean Sobers to Present at the Wedbush Transformational Technologies Conference24 Apr 2014 Cadence Corporate Vice President – Finance James Haddad to Present at the Jefferies Technology, Media & Telecom Conference21 Apr 2014 Cadence Reports First Quarter 2014 Financial Results21 Apr 2014 Cadence to Expand Verification Solution with Acquisition of Jasper Design Automation21 Apr 2014 ARM Implements the Cadence Library Characterization Solution for Advanced Node Foundation IP Development21 Apr 2014 Media Alert: Chris Rowen to Present at Linley Tech Processor Conference15 Apr 2014 Cadence Digital and Custom/Analog Tools Achieve TSMC V1.0 DRM Certification for 16nm FinFET Process14 Apr 2014 Media Alert: Martin Lund to Keynote at EDPS Conference14 Apr 2014 Spreadtrum Adopts Cadence Palladium XP II Platform for Mobile SoC and Hardware-Software Verification04 Apr 2014 Cadence Announces First Quarter 2014 Financial Results Webcast

18 Mar 2014 Yamaha Reduces Leakage Power by 50 Percent in Mobile Chip Using Cadence Low-Power Solution17 Mar 2014 Cadence Incisive Specman Elite Testbench Reduces Verification Time for Sharp by 50 Percent12 Mar 2014 Mikron Licenses Cadence Physical Verification System and QRC Extraction Solutions for 90 nm IC Design Flow12 Mar 2014 Cadence and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Announce First Test Chip Featuring ARM Cortex-A12 Processor in 28nm-SLP Process11 Mar 2014 Cadence Expands ARM-based System Verification Solution, Reducing Time-to-Market for Mobile, Networking and Server Applications11 Mar 2014 Cadence Physical Verification System Certified for GLOBALFOUNDRIES 65nm to 14nm FinFET Processes05 Mar 2014 Cadence Announces New Allegro TimingVision Environment to Speed Timing Closure of High-Speed PCB Interfaces by up to 67%03 Mar 2014 Cadence Rolls Out 2014 CDNLive User Conferences

26 Feb 2014 Cadence Group Director of Investor Relations Alan Lindstrom to Present at the Piper Jaffray Technology, Media & Telecom Conference26 Feb 2014 Cadence Licenses Tensilica ConnX BBE16 DSP to GCT Semiconductor25 Feb 2014 Global Navigation Satellite Receiver From Galileo Satellite Navigation Now Available on Cadence Tensilica ConnX DSP IP Cores24 Feb 2014 Cadence Redefines Verification Planning and Management with Incisive vManager Solution20 Feb 2014 Cadence Announces New Tensilica Imaging and Video Processor for Increasingly Complex Signal Processing Functions19 Feb 2014 Cadence and Sensory Reduce Voice Activation Power Dissipation in Mobile Devices to Less than 17 MicroWatts19 Feb 2014 Rubidium Speech Processing Solutions Now Available for Cadence Tensilica HiFi Audio/Voice DSPs19 Feb 2014 Cadence Launches Next-Generation Tensilica High-Performance ConnX Baseband DSP Family18 Feb 2014 Cadence Completes Acquisition of Forte Design Systems18 Feb 2014 Movea SmartMotion Technology Now Available on Cadence Tensilica HiFi Audio/Voice DSP Family18 Feb 2014 Cadence Announces Sensor Platforms as New Tensilica HiFi Audio Partner for Sensor Fusion and Context Awareness Applications13 Feb 2014 Cadence Tensilica HiFi Audio Tunneling for Android Cuts Audio Processing Power by Up to 14X12 Feb 2014 Cadence Acquires High Speed Interface IP Assets of TranSwitch Corporation, Further Expanding IP Portfolio for Mobile/Consumer Market12 Feb 2014 Microsoft Employs Cadence Tensilica Processors in Xbox One12 Feb 2014 Cadence Showcases System Development Solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems at embedded world 201411 Feb 2014 Cadence Showcases Key Mobile Technologies at Mobile World Congress 201410 Feb 2014 Cadence President and Chief Executive Officer Lip-Bu Tan to Present at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference05 Feb 2014 Cadence to Enhance High-Level Synthesis Offering with Acquisition of Forte Design Systems

29 Jan 2014 Cadence Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2013 Financial Results29 Jan 2014 Cadence DDR4 PHY IP Achieves 2667 Mbps Performance – Fastest in the Industry22 Jan 2014 Cadence Design Systems and Berkeley Design Automation Settle Lawsuit15 Jan 2014 DesignCon 2014: Get a Sneak Peak of Sigrity 16.63 at Cadence Booth #50714 Jan 2014 Cadence C-to-Silicon Compiler Helps Renesas Realize Quick HEVC IP Development13 Jan 2014 Cadence Incisive 13.2 Platform Sets New Standard for SoC Verification Performance and Productivity10 Jan 2014 Cadence Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2013 Financial Results Webcast06 Jan 2014 Cadence Licenses Fraunhofer AAC Codecs to Further Expand Tensilica HiFi Audio/Voice Software Library02 Jan 2014 Cadence Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Geoff Ribar to Present at the Needham Growth Conference