Cadence Strengthens Leadership in FPGA Design-In Solutions with Acquisition of Taray
Today Cadence announced that it has acquired Taray Inc., an industry leader in technology for integrating multiple large, complex field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) into printed circuit board (PCB) system designs. By embedding Taray’s patented FPGA synthesis technology throughout the PCB design process, Cadence will provide customers with a platform that boosts productivity and accelerates design authoring and implementation of FPGA-based PCBs.

"Taray's unique route-aware pin assignment synthesis technology has enabled us to get the fastest adoption of any new product we have introduced in the past 10 years," said AJ Incorvaia, VP of PCB Engineering and IC Packaging at Cadence. “We look forward to embedding this technology further in our front-to-back flow and raising the bar for the competition."

Other industry leaders that have worked closely with Taray already anticipate great benefits with the acquisition—faster and more accurate FPGA-PCB co-design and a more comprehensive front-to-back flow, to name just a few. Vin Ratford, Senior VP of Marketing for Xilinx, explained, “Taray’s FPGA I/O synthesis technology can help designers integrate today’s high-capacity FPGAs into the PCB design process much more quickly compared to manual, error-prone methods for pin assignment and optimization. This is a strong addition to the Cadence PCB portfolio and we are excited to be working closely with Cadence on extending our integration with this technology.” Altera’s VP of Product Marketing, Vince Hu, added, “This is a good addition to the Cadence portfolio and will help our customers with the design-in of today’s resource-rich FPGAs, like Altera’s Stratix IV family of devices, easily and quickly. We look forward to our continuing collaboration with Cadence and bringing this technology to our joint customers.”

With advanced node silicon, powerful IP cores, and high-speed interface protocols, FPGAs are becoming a true alternative to multi-functional systems on chip (SoCs) for which time to market is critical and product revisions evolve rapidly. FPGA design-in is a top customer requirement for the defense and medical market segments in particular. Incorporating Taray technology into Cadence® Allegro® FPGA System Planner and OrCAD® FPGA System Planner enables route-aware pin assignment synthesis—which is FPGA device rules-accurate—and offers a unique set of capabilities for FPGA-PCB co-design.

Taray had been a Cadence Connections® Program partner for a number of years. The startup began working more closely with Cadence in 2008 by visiting customers with mutual interests. Hemant Shah, Cadence Product Management Director of Allegro PCB and FPGA products, pursued an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement in which Cadence obtained Taray technology and Taray gained established sales channel. "This acquisition strengthens our PCB system design portfolio and establishes Cadence as the solution leader for the design-in of complex, large FPGAs into a PCB system,” said Shah.

"This is a great marriage of exciting new technology with an EDA market leader," summarized Nagesh Gupta, Founder and CEO of Taray. "Over the past few years, customers have seen Taray solve their complex FPGA board problems. I cannot think of a better way to establish market leadership in FPGA board design than to be a part of Cadence. I look forward to using this technology to enable Cadence to get the FPGA footprint."

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