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VIA Telecom Finds and Fixes Problems Early with Cadence Solution

Efficient Low-Power Flow Enables Company to Take on 25% More Projects

A leading Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company, VIA Telecom develops low-power code division multiple access (CDMA) baseband processors for mobile applications. To keep pace with its customers’ aggressive product development cycles, the company needed to accelerate its power intent verification process, which was manual.

“Our manual process was not only inefficient in terms of time and resources, but it was also vulnerable to human error,” noted Frank Hsu, an ASIC design manager at the company.

VIA Telecom implemented Cadence® Encounter® Conformal® Low Power, along with several other Encounter and Incisive® technologies, to revamp its power intent verification process. Among other benefits, the company reduced the development time for its digital baseband processors by 30%.

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