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Cadence Announces Innovations at CDNLive! EMEA to Accelerate Product Development and Ease Adoption

Product development in the electronics industry is characterized by short product cycles, strict cost constraints, myriad feature requirements, and tight power limits. To accelerate product development and provide a path for easy adoption, Cadence is developing new technologies, holistic solutions and methodologies, such as the following innovations announced at CDNLive! EMEA in Munich this week.

Cadence Low-Power Methodology Kit Speeds Adoption of Advanced Low-Power Techniques

The Cadence® Low-Power Methodology Kit enables chip designers to quickly adopt and implement low-power techniques and accelerate product development critical for today's consumer and wireless electronics. Complementing the Cadence Low-Power Solution, the Kit provides a working end-to-end methodology covering logic design, functional verification and physical implementation, demonstrated on a proven wireless representative design, including leading Cadence and third-party IP, and applicability consulting services. To ensure consistency throughout the flows, the Kit leverages the Common Power Format (CPF), an Si2 standard for specifying power-saving techniques and intent.

Cadence Allegro System Interconnect Design Platform Enhances Productivity for Next-generation PCB Design

Building on its leadership in the PCB industry, the new Cadence Allegro® platform offers a flexible and scalable solution that adapts to today's increasingly complex PCB design. The improved platform offers PCB designers significant new technologies and capabilities that improve usability and productivity. For example, a new user interface provides a unique integrated design environment to allow designers to collaborate and draw on the broad array of design solutions needed to address growing challenges in IC, package, and board domains. The enhanced platform also includes the recently announced Global Route Environment available in Allegro PCB Design GXL configuration.

Cadence Virtuoso Multi-Mode Simulation Enables Fast and Accurate Verification of Designs Across Analog, RF, Custom Digital, Memory, and Mixed-Signal Domains

Cadence Virtuoso® Multi-Mode Simulation (MMSIM 6.2 release) is the industry's only end-to-end simulation and verification solution that uses a common, fully integrated database of netlists and models to simulate analog, RF, memory and mixed-signal designs and design blocks. This breakthrough allows designers to switch from one simulation engine to another without any issues or interpretation impacts, resulting in improved consistency, accuracy, and design coverage, while reducing cycle time and risk. The overall result is lower cost of adoption, support, and ownership, and faster time to market.

Virtuoso Multi-Mode Simulation is tightly integrated with the new Virtuoso custom design environment, enabling a complete design-to-verification methodology.

Cadence continually invests in projects and programs that bring significant innovations to market such as those announced at CDNLive EMEA this week. Our engineers take great ideas and turn them into products that address challenging technical problems and tough market conditions that all companies continually face in the electronics industry. This kind of innovation is a win-win for Cadence and our customers.Ted Vucurevich,Sr. Vice President, CTOCadence Design Systems

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