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Deep Collaboration Drives Advanced-Node Innovation
Mobile devices, cloud computing, and hosted services are conspiring with Moore’s Law, evermore complex technology challenges, and heightened ROI expectations to reshape the SoC landscape. As process technologies scale up to billions of transistors, design techniques must scale down to infinitesimal features and new transistor types. Few companies have the expertise required to implement designs at the advanced nodes demanded by today’s devices.

In response to the new SoC reality, Cadence is embracing a strategy of deep collaboration. The strategy leverages the strengths of customers as well as trusted and qualified IP, foundry, and software partners to accelerate SoC innovation and delivery. More than engineering “dream teams,” deep collaboration requires tight relationships, mutual respect for individuals and corporate cultures, and often, years of working together toward a common technology goal.

The results validate the strategy: deep collaboration underpinned the tapeout of the industry’s first ARM® Cortex™-A15 MPCore™ processor on a TSMC 20nm process, as well as a 14nm test-chip featuring an ARM Cortex®-M0 processor implemented using IBM’s FinFET process technology

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