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Cadence Helps Faraday Shrink ECO Implementation Time from 3 Days to 1 Hour

New capabilities in Encounter Conformal ECO Designer reduce turnaround time, risk, and cost for leading ASIC provider

While beneficial to end-product performance, engineering change orders (ECOs) are typically a time of stress and uncertainty for design teams. It involves anything from adding or removing logic in a design to a more subtle change such as cleaning up routing for signal integrity. And traditional ECO flows are manual, labor-intensive, and limited in their ability to ensure that a product will function properly.

Faraday is a leading provider of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) designs. Critical to the company’s success is fast and consistent delivery of highly customized solutions to its customers. As these solutions require increasingly complex ECOs, Faraday needed to update their ECO flow with an automated and proven solution. They chose Cadence Encounter Conformal ECO Designer.

Conformal ECO Designer offers functional ECO analysis, optimization, and implementation capabilities. Using these advanced features, Faraday can make critical yes/no project decisions and tackle challenges in clock gating, boundary optimization, design-for-test logic, low-power logic, and more.

Since adopting Conformal ECO Designer in 2010, Faraday has successfully used the tool on more than 30 ASIC tapeout designs and has been able to.

  • Reduce the number of ECO iterations by 3x
  • Achieve 50x faster turnaround time for functional ECO implementations
  • Achieve earlier netlist handoff to customers
  • Reduce manufacturing costs and accelerate time to market for customers
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