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Samsung Speeds SoC-Level Validation Using Cadence Accelerated Verification IP
Commonly used in laptops and servers, solid-state drives (SSDs) are an innovative non-volatile storage medium that saves on power, space, and cost while also increasing product reliability. Traditionally, SSDs have been based on the 12-year-old SATA protocol—a good choice for software/hardware compatibility, but limiting in terms of performance and throughput.

In a recent project, Samsung decided to add a PCI Express interface to their SSD controllers to significantly increase transaction rates and reduce latencies. This decision would greatly increase the challenges of device and firmware validation, particularly at the system-on-chip level. Samsung needed a validation environment with performance on the order of hundreds of times faster than what they were achieving with simulation.

Samsung turned to Cadence to reach the speed and productivity goals they’d established for SSD validation. Cadence recommended using the Palladium XP simulation-acceleration use model together with Accelerated VIP (AVIP) for PCI Express. Samsung already used Cadence simulation VIP thus simplifying the transition to AVIP. Within three weeks, Cadence had the new environment up and running enabling Samsung to realize productivity gains of 100%.

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