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Virtuoso simulation technology shortens model validation cycle by 30%
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology offers higher performance and smaller die size than traditional process technologies. These benefits make SOI the emerging preference for developing high-performance applications such as video game consoles, networking infrastructure gear, and servers.

IBM announced the industry’s first successful implementation of SOI more than 10 years ago, at which time their modeling team started using Cadence technologies to verify compact models. When IBM customers who had been using the Cadence® Virtuoso® Spectre® Circuit Simulator with bulk models moved over to SOI technology, they wanted to continue using Cadence simulators. This sparked the ongoing collaboration between IBM and Cadence to help mutual customers adopt SOI.

Compact models must undergo a stringent qualification process before they are released to customers—and customers can’t afford to wait very long. IBM recently initiated a verification effort with Cadence to generate a robust, exhaustive, and efficient model qualification flow using the Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulator for IBM SOI processes at advanced nodes.

Find out how Cadence helped IBM reduce the overall SOI model validation cycle time for new compact model code by 30 percent.

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