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IBM-Cadence Collaboration Optimizes Hardware/Software Integration
The IBM Rational Software Division provides a software development platform that improves the speed, quality, and predictability of software development projects. To create a complete product with integrated hardware and software, the IBM design team was focused on solving three major challenges:
  • Improving collaboration between hardware and software teams
  • Shortening the development cycle to meet narrow product windows
  • Managing costs through better IP reuse and defect detection
IBM Rational partnered with Cadence to optimize hardware/software integration with solutions that facilitate local and global cross-team collaboration and include technology enhancements to:
  • IP reuse
  • Traceability in the hardware and software tools
  • System-level modeling
  • Defect tracking for both hardware and software
  • Configuration management (IBM ClearCase and Cadence tool integration)
Learn more about how IBM supports the EDA360 vision for optimized hardware/software integration.

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